Itsudemo! Kannon Smile #2 (2014.12.09)

By | December 15, 2014

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Kanon starts the radio show discussing the new 12th generation members. Starting out in Morning Musume takes a lot of individual manpower, Kanon thinks. There are lots of times when all you can feel is sleepiness and pain and don’t necessarily want to let their Senpai know. Also, she mentions that there’s four of them; so thats four different personalities they need to build for themselves, she explains. With that Kanon moves on to giving her impression of each of the 12th Generation members.

Ogata Haruna is a 1st year in high school, the same as Kanon. She proceeds saying that it is easy to see that she isn’t experienced and that she feels like she’s little different from the other three. But definitely gives a “From here on out I’ll do my best” type of feeling. Nonaka Miki also has a similar hardworking feel to her; when she says things like “Otsukaresama Deshita” she says it to everyone. Kanon thinks Haga Akane is really cute; after all she is only 12. Apparently Haga-chan says things almost excessively polite like “Thank you very very much for today, from now on I’ll do my best!”. Kanon thinks its cute that she says things so politely (again, being 12 and all). She thinks Makino Maria has a very “True to myself no matter what” feeling about her and that you can see her trying her best. She concludes this section by saying that while she doesn’t know the four very well yet, she thinks they will be able to work together and make for a good group as they transform into Morning Musume ‘15.


12th Gen Cuties!

Song: Morning Musume ‘14 – Otona ni Nareba, Otona ni Nareru

She says she wanted to play this song because she has many solo parts, so she really likes it.


Listener’s Messages

Message #1: The listener asks if she could recommend any good places to go to or things to do in Aichi, since it is her hometown, after all. She first recommends a shopping center in Nagoya that has a Hello! Project official goods shop. It also has a Brazilian restaurant that has delicious meat that her family and her will sometimes go to. She really recommends that restaurant, saying that the meat really is amazing. After that, she talks about the Highway Oasis service area in Kariya. The bathrooms are really amazing and pretty, she laughs, and that the whole place seems like a hotel. There are many places to eat there as well, although she says she hasn’t eaten there too much. Kanon explains that it is a more like a memorable place she has been to with her family quite a few times before.

Message #2: This message is actually from the same person who had submitted one last week, and they pretty much just wrote in to say they were really happy they got their message read on the show last week. Basically its a nice message saying that last weeks show was a lot fun.

Message #3: Again, this listener is congratulating her on receiving the radio show after Sayumi. The listener thinks Kanon must feel a lot of pressure and asks what her pen name should be (Sayumi’s was Usa-Chan, Ishikawa Rika’s was Charmy). The listener wonders if there is anything she wants to do on the radio show. They also mention that they are worried that Kanon is going to run into problems with Wada Ayaka because of her show title name.

First of all, Kanon declares that she wants this program to be full of enthusiasm. In her eyes, she knows that she isn’t as amazing as Sayumi, but is striving to become like her; she also notes that people who listened to Sayumi’s show would probably tune into her show and think “Oh, Kanon is pretty interesting too” and listen to hers as well. Next, she says that “Usa-chan Peace” was a superb pen name, and starts combining the words, Smile, Kanon, and Name together to try to make one for herself. Eventually she settles on “Kanoname”. After she announces it some pretty triumphant BGM plays.

Finally, she says that if she gets that chance she will surely have Ayaka on the show to discuss the title name similarities, even though the discussion might be a little scary. Although personally, Kanon would like Okai Chisato as a guest. She confesses that she hasn’t talked to her much privately or on stage; but Kanon likes that way Chisato talks. She thinks it would make the listeners happy to hear Chisato talks.Kanon is then prompted by the staff to say who the easiest guest on the show would be, who she decides would have to be Sakura. Kanon explains that this is because Sakura has become an “easy to poke fun at character” lately. There are easy things to poke fun at, like how Sakura sleeps a lot and that she isn’t a morning person at all. She isn’t sure Sakura would happy she is saying this, however Kanon decides to reveal that sometimes she wears really confusing clothes, like earlier, Sakura was wearing something maternity-like.  Apparently Ayumi pointed it out and said “That looks like its for a big belly, is that maternity clothing!?”. Sakura’s “easy to poke fun at” character grows every day and because of this, Kanon thinks she would be good to have on the show.


Song: Morning Musume ‘14 – Asu wo Tsukuru no wa Kimi

Compare Anything Best of 3!
Hikaku Nandemo Best of 3

Top Three Times She Felt The Kindness From Her Fans

3. When the fans travel to other prefectures. She mentions going to Ishikawa and how the fans from Tokyo will go to concerts there too. How far away the fans will travel to see them is great to her.
2. Receiving presents from fans from other countries. She mentions that two years ago she received a message and picture album from fans from all over the world. She says there were around 100 messages and that she could tell all of the fans were trying their best to write in Japanese for her and in the pictures the fans were wearing her color. She says the whole present meant a lot to her.
1. The concert where they returned to Aichi. She recalls that there was a “Kano~n” encore chant at the end. At that time she thought “I’m really glad we came to Aichi” and felt a lot of pride towards her hometown. She was also really happy that even concertgoers who weren’t her fans turned their penlights green for her. She hopes that they will return to Aichi so that Maria, who is also from Aichi, can feel the fans love in her hometown, too.

Top Three Things Bad Things to Admit

3. Age-Range. She mentions that she is technically Haruna and Ayumi’s Senpai even though they are older than her and with the 12 generation entering this makes for a sensitive relationship, Like “even though I’m their Senpai, they’re older than me, what should I do?” sort of thing. She also says that she’s become good friends with Haruna, and that she is a good person to talk with. She recently went with her and Haruka to dinner and confided in each other. She claims that this isn’t really something bad to admit, as it is just something that is difficult for her.
2. Difference in Enthusiasm. This is like when she is on a television program during self introductions. She says she will introduce herself and the audience will act like “Oh, everyone knows that”. But everybody else gets a “Yay” or “Cuteee” when they introduce themselves and wonders why this is. Kanon concludes that she really doesn’t like it.
3. Other Members have Green. She says that both Erina and Masaki both have green-like member colors as well. Kanon explains that they seem to get to wear things that are in pretty greens, but that the ones she gets to wear are more sullen. She thinks that having a green member color has a refreshing feel to it, but with her sullen greens she doesn’t  feel like she get that feeling across properly. Therefore she really doesn’t like it. But she does like green!


I can see what she means, with the green…

Until Next Week, Otsukanon!

5 thoughts on “Itsudemo! Kannon Smile #2 (2014.12.09)

  1. Cathy

    I totally get what she means with the green… She gets such horrible wardrobe/outfits because hers is the darkest of the green range. Maybe time for a member color change? Although I highly doubt it as we’re getting to 13 members o.o and a change might be confusing and she’s had that green color for so long.

    And what she said about member intros D: I want to give her a big hug.

  2. Mikka

    I had heard the 3 things she dislikes earlier in the week–If I understood her correctly she went on a smidge more about how Ayumi was easier to close the gap with because they’re a bit closer in age, but that Haruna needed help at first and Kanon didn’t want to come off as selfish or bossy… Then with the colors I think she also said she likes that there’s more greens and she’s really glad she got green but that yeah her greens suck ass.

    Thanks as always for translating!

    1. Mikka

      Oh, also about the #2 thing she dislikes— She points out that it’s almost like the people laugh at her. Riho has had the*same* introduction but that the guests treat her differently, and she doesn’t know why. “ehehehe.”

  3. Hotaru Post author

    You’re right she did point out how it was easier with Ayumi and how Riho introduces herself the same way. At the time when finishing the draft I left them out, partially because I feel like the Riho part is a no-brainer and partially because I worried about the translation getting too long and wordy. My brain was a little fuzzy at the time, I had just completed finals. Haha. Maybe I’ll add those comments she made in as an edit. hmm.

    1. Mikka

      I get why you left it out–don’t want it too long! I just thought they were interesting extra tidbits =3

      Glad to see I understood it all correctly; more of a validation than anything, lol.


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