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 Christmas time is here

November 23 is Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan, which is the day of this broadcast, but more importantly, Christmas is only a month away, yay! As Takechan glosses over the more current holidays, they go straight into talking about Christmas for this year. Takechan and Kananan joke briefly about their romantic plans for the holiday, since Japan doesn’t really have the religious factor for Christmas and it is celebrated largely as a holiday for couples, and then Kananan says she plans on having a Christmas party at her house.

Takechan really wants to go out and see Christmas lights… but only on her way home or through the window of a car driving by to avoid having to be the only single person in a cluster of boyfriends and girlfriends. Kananan concurs, as she really wants to go out and look at the lights but the last time she tried that she felt so bad about herself by going alone and being surrounded by couples that she left after a few minutes. They probably will not end up going out to see any at all.

30740639_624Japan has some really impressive holiday lights… but yeah, it’s awkward going alone

However, something else important happens on Christmas and that is Santa. Kananan and Takechan drop some not so subtle hints about something they both want for Christmas, or at least who they want things from.

Kananan: Christmas also means that Santa comes, doesn’t it?
Takechan: It sure does.
Kananan: And I was thinking, hey, wouldn’t he come to the radio station as well?
Takechan: Definitely he would.
Kananan: I mean getting presents is lots of fun…
Takechan: Yeah, we’d just walk into the studio and… oooh! Santa has come!
Kananan: Yes, look at all our presents!
Takechan: We’ll be waiting.
Kananan: Please.

On Tour

Changing subjects, Kananan talks about their recent tour. She always asks the staff for a copy of the recording of the show so that she can watch it and see where she needs to improve, but lately it has almost turned into a hobby rather than a work exercise. The last concert in Yamagata was especially entertaining because Maro felt ill halfway through the show and had to step out, leaving only 5 of them to compensate in the performance at less than a moment’s notice and they were scrambling a bit, but it ended up being quite fun.

Takechan says that it wasn’t so much fun for her as she was genuinely freaking out about what they were going to do to cover for her. As a result, she has absolutely no memory of the song right before Maro bowed out because she was so focused on what to change in the line distribution and formation of the dance. Kananan promises that she did actually perform the song she can’t remember. It still ended up being fun because some choreography was noticeably different. Also, they sang Namida Girl, which they both agree should be sung much more often than it is.


Also of importance is that this show broadcasts on Takechan’s 17th birthday, yay! Kananan asks her how it feels to be 17, and Takechan responds with, “I’m still 16 right now so I don’t know.” At this risk of confusing the listeners, Takechan breaks the radio fourth-wall and reminds everyone that although the show is broadcast on her birthday, she recorded it well ahead of time.

blog, Nakanishi Kana, Takeuchi Akari-509348
I know I’m supposed to be focusing on Takechan’s birthday but what on earth is Kananan wearing?

But yes, she’s 17, and it’s weird for her because a lot of people have made comments to her about how turning 17 is different somehow. She thinks that perhaps it’s because now she’s so close to turning 20, and after Kananan makes fun of her for this guess (“Yeah, you’re basically 20 already.”), Takechan realizes that Kananan is almost 18. Kananan is very excited about this because she’ll be able to have more flexibility in her working hours and would thus be able to do a live broadcast of the radio show (it’s broadcast past the working hours of minors so they can’t do it live), but then she wonders if they’ll actually still have the radio show. Takechan scolds her and says it’s less than a year away, they shouldn’t be able to lose the radio show that quickly.

Birthdays are fun, but presents are more fun. Kananan actually received a rather distressed call from 3rd gen member AiAi (which she says is not an actual nickname but Kananan definitely called her that here) asking what she should get Takechan for her birthday. Takechan is surprised to know that she might be getting a present from one of the new members despite not really knowing them, but there’s no telling what it could be because the discussion between Kananan and AiAi ended up with, “Yeah, Takechan would probably be fine with anything.” Kananan also admits that until she had gotten that call, she had completely forgotten about Takechan’s birthday and at the time of the recording hadn’t even secured a present for her yet. Takechan doesn’t mind because she got Meimi’s birthday present this year at the last possible moment, too, but only because she really has no idea what to get for people once they enter their late teens. Early teens are easy because she gets everyone the same thing and they always love it, so she’s looking forward to getting Rikako’s birthday present due to the ease of getting it.

Song: S/mileage – Suki yo, junjou hankouki

Akari’s Giants Update, with 1,000,000 points of energy
Akari no Giants Genki Hyakumanten Yorokobi Jouhou, in which Takechan divulges the current goings-on in baseball and nobody else knows what she’s talking about

So the team Takechan expected to win the last baseball game lost. This was highly disappointing to Takechan because she was certain that they were going to win. She had been listening to the game before she left school to go home and they were winning, and then by the time she got home, they had lost. The loss was almost made worse by the fact that they had been winning the entire game and lost right at the last moment. It was a very confusing time for her.

On the script in front of them, it says that they are to receive a comment from a certain someone. Kananan wonders if it isn’t a baseball player, since this is Takechan’s baseball corner. “If that happens, I will die right here,” Takechan says with conviction.

916 ‘сE•ASurprise

But it’s not and she doesn’t. It’s a message from Dawa, although it’s hard to hear at first over Takechan shouting at of the frustration of not getting a message from a baseball player. Unfortunately, she also knows why she’s getting this message. Earlier in the year, Takechan said that if she couldn’t accurately rank the league by the end of the season, she’d do a review of Dawa’s A Maiden’s Guide to Paintings book, and with the Giants last loss, it confirms that Takechan will indeed have to do it. As Takechan argues with the recording, Dawa reads off Takechan’s predictions for the league ranking and the actual ranking to prove it.

Dawa: Takechan’s was Giants, Hiroshima, Hanshin, Chuunichi… the heck is this? DNA? and Yakult. In reality, the rank was Giants, Hanshin, Hiroshima, Chuunichi… DNA? and Yakult.

So a bitter defeat for Takechan. Dawa expects a nice, cute, pretty response to match a maiden reading her book. What a thoroughly humiliating way to begin a birthday, yay.

Song: Berryz Koubou – TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY

Time for Takechan’s girly girly maiden-like review of Wada Ayaka’s A Maiden’s Guide to Paintings. Kananan encourages her to use her best girly voice just for the occasion. Takechan reads out the publisher’s name (because she hasn’t actually read the book), and at first she thought that art was totally cute and now she thinks it’s totally cool because art is, like, so, you know, artsy and yeah, totally.

As girly as she’s ever been

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