Morning Musume ’14 no Morning Jogakuin ~Houkago Meeting~ #126 (2014.08.30)

By | September 19, 2014


With everyone’s summer vacations ending and autumn quickly approaching, Sayashi asks Fuku-chan and Maa-chan about their memories of the past summer.

Fuku-chan mentions having gone to a summer festival with Oda and Eripon and enjoying some delicious peach flavored shaved ice. She asks Maa-chan how her summer was.

Maa-chan: This summer was really, really fun!
Fuku-chan: Yeah?
Maa-chan: No! Wait! I have so many regrets about it!
Fuku-chan: Oh.

Maa-chan explains she meant this in regards to having missed out on a couple of Hello!Con performances earlier in August due to her ill health, but says she’s 100% fine now. But on the plus side, she says, she got to go back to Hokkaido which probably helped her get the rest she needed and get better. Fuku-chan, too, has noticed Maa-chan looking a lot better since coming back from Hokkaido. (Unfortunately, Maa-chan was again absent due to ill health on September 10 when Morning Musume appeared as guests at °C-ute’s Budokan concert).

Sayashi regrets not having been able to go to any summer festivals, but on the other hand, she enjoyed her work as well their trip to Hawaii. She says she had a fun summer.


Opening Question
“What’s the song you would most like to sing solo?”

Fuku-chan’s choice is °C-ute’s “Wasuretakunai Natsu.” She says she loves it and listens to it a lot, and that she actually wanted to sing it at their event in Hawaii but couldn’t: the way it works is that the members all have to send in several choices of songs they’d like to sing over to their manager, and this song unfortunately didn’t get picked. She hopes to get to sing it at a future summer event.

Maa-chan would like to sing “Snow Magic Fantasy” by SEKAI NO OWARI. Fuku-chan thinks Maa-chan would sound really good and unique singing it, and Sayashi thinks Maa-chan wouldn’t need any of the digital vocal effects found on the original song — she could just mimic them herself.

Sayashi picks Moritaka Chisato’s “Watarasebashi.” She says this song really heals her heart and that the key really fits her voice, meaning it feels really good to sing it. Ever since she was little she’s always loved this song, so she hopes to get to perform it in front of her fans one day.

Song: Morning Musume – The Matenrou Show

Mail Corner

Fan mail #1: The listener asks if the hosts think anything about themselves has changed this past summer, or alternatively, if anything about any other members changed.

Fuku-chan and Sayashi laugh at how pleased Maa-chan looks with herself, having successfully gotten through reading the letter.

Maa-chan begins by saying she thinks Ikuta has gotten more adult-like. While she has an image of someone who only thinks about their own self, Maa-chan says Ikuta is actually thinking more and more about the others around her instead. Maa-chan used to think Ikuta was a really scary senpai, but now she finds her really kind. Fuku-chan says Ikuta seems really lively as of late, and they all agree that something good must’ve happened to her recently.

As for Sayashi, she says her abs developed a lot over the past summer. She says her stomach used to be flabby for a long time, but after several months of doing sit-ups each and every night, her stomach has now gotten surprisingly flat. In Maa-chan’s mind Sayashi’s stomach has always been flat, but Sayashi says that up until now some of that stomach would be hanging over her outfits and such. Now that doesn’t happen, and there’s even a little bit of a six-pack visible.

Fuku-chan says she’s been doing sit-ups for some months now, too, but she hasn’t had as much success as Sayashi yet. Sayashi says it’s all about the breathing and shows Fuku-chan the proper way to do it, promising she’s going to have a flat stomach herself by the time their autumn tour rolls around or so — although perhaps not quite “Yajima-level.” Fuku-chan says that can’t be helped, and the two contemplate over how perfect Maimi’s body is.

For Fuku-chan, the biggest thing about this summer was cutting her hair — around 15 centimeters of it, in fact. Sayashi and Maa-chan both say it was surprisingly unnoticeable considering how much she cut: Maa-chan admits that she literally only realized just now. Fuku-chan is surprised to hear this as she’s pretty sure she mentioned it to all the members earlier. Maa-chan thinks she was wearing earphones, and Sayashi does indeed remember Maa-chan listening to music at the time.

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Fan mail #2: The listener notes that the hosts this time are incidentally also the three who do the “aisaretai” lines at the end of the chorus of “Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke.” Thus, the listener asks what sort of things make the hosts feel the most selfish or self-indulgent (wagamama).

Sayashi begins by saying that she has such a huge appetite lately, she basically ends up eating everything. She does try to watch out and not overeat, but when she does start eating she just tends to keep going even after she starts feeling full. Even though her stomach is telling her that she’s full, her mouth just wants to keep on eating anyway, and she says this makes her self-indulgent. Maa-chan points out that she is suffering from the so-called “Oda-chan’s disease.”

Fuku-chan: So what about you, Masaki-chan?
Maa-chan: There’s nothing like that with me.
Fuku-chan: Nothing?
Maa-chan: Yeah.
Fuku-chan: Nothing?!
Sayashi: You have nothing like that?!
Maa-chan: Yeah.
Fuku-chan: Nothing?!?
Fuku-chan: (laughs)

While Maa-chan says it’s not quite “self-indulgence,” she has a sort of cowardly part about her, and she also makes lots of excuses. “Oh, so you mean calling it self-indulgence would be understating it?“, Sayashi asks. Maa-chan says that’s exactly it: “self-indulgent” is too cute of a word for her. Fuku-chan notes that Maa-chan is unexpectedly strict when it comes to herself.

Fuku-chan says she gets selfish in front of her parents. When she feels stressed or when she comes home late from work, she’ll sometimes be angry at her parents even though they’ve done nothing wrong. These kinds of instances make her realize her selfishness, but Sayashi says it’s great that Fuku-chan can even realize it herself. Still, Fuku-chan feels bad about it and knows she has to stop blowing up at her parents for no reason. Sayashi thinks Fuku-chan’s mom probably understands it and doesn’t blame her for it, and that this problem of hers will probably get easier with time.

The three conclude that they ought to be careful about not being too selfish — aside from Maa-chan, who promises to try and become more of the “cute kind of selfish” first.

Song: Morning Musume – Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke

To celebrate their newly found commonality, the three of them decide to sing their “aisaretai” line together.

… Make that “two of them.”


Finally, Sayashi poses a question to Yajima Maimi who is a guest on Nakajima Saki’s “°C-ute na Jikan” this week. In regards to their earlier discussion about her abs, she asks Maimi if she ever does any muscle training to help upkeep them. Sayashi says she hasn’t really seen Maimi doing any stretching or muscle training at work, so she asks her if she has any recommended methods of training that she does at home or such.

Sayashi: Join us on Morning Jogakuin again next week!
Sayashi & Fuku-chan & Maa-chan: Oyasuminasayashi~!

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  1. Novakayne

    Yeah i’ve noticed what Riho was talking about, her stomach has slimmed down from like a year ago… Not like she was ever overweight but some outfits back in the day showed her stomach hanging over….

    Ikuta to me was never really selfish to begin with and always cared about others… she does have moments when her selfish character get out of control but thats not always


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