SS1422 #84 (2014.08.24)

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Summer activities left undone

Today’s radio show begins with a discussion with Oden-kun (Takechan’s alternate nickname, based on her resemblance to the cartoon character). Kananan asks Oden-kun if she still has anything left she wants to do before summer is over, and she mentions the famous Oden Village Race, in which all of the members of the Oden Village gather together and do sports. Summer is especially hot in Oden Village because it’s oden but they might not have enough people in winter to do a race so it has to be in summer.



As for Takechan, she hasn’t been able to go to any summer festivals this year. She was thinking about it today before the broadcast, but even though there might be a chance this week, it doesn’t look like she’ll be able to go before the end of August.

Takechan: So, nope, not being able to go to a festival…
Kananan: Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope
Takechan: And that’s probably my biggest regret…
Kananan: Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope
Takechan: Of this summer…
Kananan: Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope
Takechan: I think. What about you, Nope-san?

Kananan doesn’t have much that she didn’t do this summer. She got to stay at the beach and swim in the ocean, which she did with her family in Wakayama in spring. Takechan is surprised to hear this, and Kananan says she wrote about it in the blog. Takechan is still clueless and now everyone knows she doesn’t read Kananan’s blog. Kananan says that she hasn’t gone to the pool, though, although Takechan hasn’t been to the ocean or to the pool and hasn’t had a barbecue and hasn’t seen any fireworks either. Kananan says that she did fireworks in her house, which shocks Takechan. Apparently they had cake with sparklers as the candles. Kananan wants to do know if they can have that at the radio station. Takechan says that when she turns 20, if they’re still on Radio Nippon, she wants to have a cake with sparklers inside the studios. The studio engineers seemed to give the OK.

Hello!Con Friendships

Kananan asks if Takechan has made any new friends in H!P during this round of Hello!Cons. Takechan says she’s actually been getting along with Kenshuusei Makino Maria. Before this year they didn’t speak to each other at all, but Makino is a huge fan of baseball and the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters. She knows a ton about baseball and is really fervent about it, but Takechan didn’t know that until some staff members suggested they talk to each other so Makino came to the S/mileage dressing room and they started chatting.

As for Kananan, she has also been talking to some members of the Kenshuusei. She talks to Inaba Manaka because they’re in the same year in school and they’re both from provinces outside of Kantou. She also talks to Kishimoto Yumeno and Funaki Musubu because they’re also from Osaka. They both remark on how tiny and adorable Funaki is (and how she looks like Mametchi).

Kananan continues, saying she also talks to members of other groups and Wada-san. Takechan gets confused, because she doesn’t think there’s another Wada-san in any other group besides their own, but Kananan confirms that it is Wada Ayaka of S/mileage and she just speaks with her more about Hello!Cons during this time of year. She also says she talks to the staff members a lot more. She used to be afraid of some of them and would turn around and run if she saw them around, and she doesn’t know if they noticed she was doing that or not, but later on they came up and were very nice to her which made her think, “Oh, they’re humans, too!” Takechan also says that during rehearsals for the Nakano Sun Plaza show, she went to see the staff members to ask a question and they had pictures of Kana up on the wall, so clearly they love her.

Happy Birthday, Natsuyaki-san!

They then take a moment to wish Natsuyaki Miyabi a happy 22nd birthday! Takechan talks about all the cake she got last year: she got cake for her birthday event a few days beforehand, she got cake the day before her birthday, and she got cake on her birthday. Kananan mentions how amazing Natsuyaki is, and how she always knew she had an amazing singing voice but when she heard it in person it gave her the chills. They both watch her and wonder if they could really be in the same league as her. Takechan says she wears her t-shirts from H!P and they look kind of like pajamas, really baggy and such, but when Natsuyaki wears one she makes it look so fashionable, as she makes everything look fashionable. She also wonders how a Japanese person can look so good as a blonde, but Natsuyaki does. Kananan could have sworn she was a foreigner the first time she saw her. Kananan wonders if she should try going blonde, too.

Song: S/mileage – Aa Susukino

Nakanicinema Paradise
Nakanishi Kana talks about movies

The movie this time is Saraba Itoshi no Daitouryou. She says that you can’t enjoy this movie if you aren’t 100% foolish, as the movie opens with this line/warning. If someone is really serious about movies, they probably won’t think it’s funny, and she thinks that you have to be able to laugh at yourself to enjoy how funny the movie is. The story is about Osaka declaring its independence as The United States of Osaka and Sekai no Nabeatsu is president, and two officers are sent to try and assassinate him. When Kana first heard the story, she thought the movie might be like a thriller, but it was like a watching a comedy show in movie form and there are lots of supporting characters and mascots that make it so that kids could enjoy it, too, she thinks. She especially liked the inclusion of a green gorilla character because she loves gorillas, obviously. She has seen this movie many times and always thinks that she’ll get tired of it and fall asleep the next time she sees it, but it’s so funny and she still enjoys it. There are also lots of scenes that are very tense and thrilling, and scenes that are more emotional. There’s also a scene in which someone is unable to dance but is practicing really hard out in the rain and she said it reminded her of being an idol. And, of course, it’s centered around Osaka, so it makes her happy to see so much of her hometown featured so that everyone can see what sort of place Osaka is.

Song: S/mileage – Chikyuu wa kyou mo ai wo hagukumu

Fan Letters

Fan letter #1: They read a letter from Bobo, who congratulates them on a fine Budokan performance with so many great songs. As a S/mileage otaku, they ask what song makes them feel like the wota really get pumped up to, excluding Uchouten Love, Sukichan, and Watashi, Choito Kawaii Urabanchou. Takechan says it would probably be Yume Miru 15sai, but since she thinks Bobo wants a less expected song, it would be Tenshinranman or Otona no Tochuu, maybe Yuugure Koi no Jikan or Panyasan no Arubaito. She finally settles on Panya because everyone likes it.

Fan letter #2: The next letter is from Kanri, who doesn’t like to smile. They said that they are really self-conscious about it and make an effort not to smile around people they don’t know. Since S/mileage is the name of the group and everyone in it has such beautiful smiles, they want to know how to have a much better smile, too. Kananan says that she’s always been someone to smile all the time, ever since she was born, but she does get pretty bad acne and although she’s done a lot to get rid of it, there were times when she wouldn’t want to take pictures of herself or only would from certain angles, but ultimately she thinks it’s better to just not worry about it. They decide that if Kanri smiles naturally, it will all be fine. Also, if they watch Saraba Itoshi no Daitouryou, they’ll smile.

Takechan: This radio program is made in part by all of you!
Kananan: (in a high-pitched voice) We’ll be waiting for all of your messages!
Takechan: Was that supposed to be me?


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  1. Henkka

    Take-chan so freely having fun with her Oden-kun alter ego despite her early protests to the nickname… almost brings a tear to the eye. It’s a good day to be a Take-chan fan.


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