Nakajima Saki no °C-ute na Jikan #136 (2014.08.09)

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Answering Kudo Haruka’s question posed at the end of Morning Jogakuin #123, she says that no, she has no immediate plans to cut her hair short. Her life plan does include doing so at one point however, and that’s just before she gives birth. This is because she’s heard several models talking about how after giving birth, you care less about your looks and so forth. Nacky’s the type who can’t go to sleep before drying her hair, and having short hair would make that easier. But for as long as she remains in H!P, she says, she is going to keep her hair long. “Sorry, Oda-chan!

Talking about the ongoing Hello! Concerts, she says she has a habit of dancing harder than usual at them to try and appeal to the audience more since she doesn’t get to be on stage as much as at °C-ute’s concerts. But especially after seeing herself overdoing it a bit in the H!P Countdown concert footage, she’s decided on this tour to try and dance just how she normally would. She says that the KOREZO pattern has a segment in it where she gets to do lots of energetic dancing in succession anyhow, whereas the YAPPARI pattern lets her have lots of eye contact with her juniors which she’s also happy about — she’s previously talked about how she’s very bad at getting to know her juniors.

Commenting on the topic of Berryz Koubou announcing their indefinite hiatus, Nacky says she heard the news from Berryz themselves on the day of the concert when they came into °C-ute’s dressing room and announced it to them.

Nacky says she just went speechless at first as she could’ve never even imagined it, but now that some time has passed, she says that while she does feel lonely, she also felt how mature they all are and wishes them all to do their best to be happy as they move on to their various paths in life.

Even though they only very rarely cry, seeing the members of Berryz all in tears when making the announcement on stage made Nacky think they must’ve really thought it through amongst themselves before arriving at their decision. But on the very next day, she could hear Berryz in the dressing room next to theirs, being back to their usual lively selves. This made her glad, and she thinks Berryz are going to treasure each day even more than usual now as they head towards their hiatus.

She hopes the two groups will continue being a motivation to each other until next Spring, and after their paths separate, she says she’s going to keep supporting the members of Berryz Koubou and hopes that the fans will, too.

Song: Berryz Koubou – Futsuu, Idol 10nen Yatterannai Desho!?

Mail Corner

Fan letter #1: The listener attended °C-ute’s OTODAMA performance and talks about how in addition to last time’s water guns, this time they’d gotten themselves a new weapon: water balloons. Near the end of Momoiro Sparkling when Nacky threw one, it hit the listener directly in the face — he says he wants to believe Nacky aimed at him on purpose since he was wearing a blue T-shirt and holding a blue glow stick. The listener says he has high hopes for next year’s performance, too.

Nacky apologizes to the listener, laughing. She says she had lots of fun and says the OTODAMA venue just has such a feeling of youth and “anything goes.” Previously they had huge water guns that they fired at the audience, but this time the staff had prepared water balloons for them to throw. Although the staff did warn them to be careful to not under any circumstances throw them in anyone’s face, the girls were in such high spirits the warning basically went in from one ear and out the next. Nacky makes an excuse about being a poor thrower as well as being so fired up it was hard to aim.

She apologizes to the listener again but is happy that he didn’t mind at all, and says it’s indeed quite possible she did aim specifically at him because of his blue gear.

Song: °C-ute – The Power

Fan letter #2: Speaking about the different CD jackets of °C-ute’s new single, the listener thinks they’re all stylish and the members all look adult-like in them, but adds that he would’ve personally preferred to see some more smiles — Nacky, Maimi-chan and Airi-chan can’t be seen smiling in any of them. He jokingly asks if it was just too early in the morning for them to smile, or if it was rather to show off a more grown-up °C-ute.

Nacky talks about how their CD jackets are mostly all cool nowadays: while the cameraman always has them do facial expressions ranging from “cool” to “having fun,” the ones that get chosen are mostly always of the former category. Even “Tokai no Hitorigurashi,” a bright song, had the members doing serious expressions on all of the jackets. Nacky assures the listener that even though °C-ute is gradually turning more and more adult-like on their CD jackets, they’re still messing about at the photo shoots themselves. “We’re still kids at heart, but I guess now °C-ute just has to act a bit more grown-up.”

Fan letter #3: Having watched the single version of °C-ute’s new music video “Kanashiki Heaven,” the listener especially compliments Nacky for her facial expressions in it, saying she does a good job of portraying a “woman who’s harboring darkness inside her heart.” He talks about how °C-ute’s music videos are so serious as of late, he always feels mesmerized when watching them.

Since their Fall tour is titled “MONSTER,” the listener says he’d some day like to see a music video where the members of °C-ute are turned into monsters themselves.

Nacky: I see. I don’t think that’s going to happen. (laughs)

They apparently do need to show their faces since they’re idols and all, Nacky explains. She says she herself prefers zoomed-out shots and shots from the behind, too, and doesn’t like looking directly at the camera very much. She does understand the listener’s feelings on this and says she would like to mess about in a monster suit, too, but doesn’t think it’s going to happen. She’s happy about how their fans seem to agree about their music videos being cool — she urges fans to keep praising them more and more as, according to her, “°C-ute is a group that grows with everyone’s compliments.

Oyasumi Nacky

Situation: “Just before Nacky is about to serve me her home cooking, she tastes some and…”

Nacky: (I wonder how today’s curry came out… Ugh! This is way too sweet! The seasoning isn’t mixed in at all!) … Ah! N-no, it’s nothing! Just a minute, it’s almost ready…!

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    So… She prefers being shot from behind, eh… That explains why her photobooks and DVDs have so many ass shots. That and that she has a lovely ass.

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