FIVE STARS Niigaki Risa & Kamei Eri #86 (2010.11.22)

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This week’s opening topic

Work, huh?,” Gaki-san asks. For the time being, our hosts would describe themselves as idols, singers, or — as they jokingly put it — artists.

But had Gaki-Kame not become members of Morning Musume? “No doubt about it: I would’ve become a dolphin trainer,” Kame says. Gaki-san expresses serious doubt as to the truthfulness of this statement, but Kame clarifies that it’s simply that she likes herself when she claims she’s “someone who wants to become a dolphin trainer.”

Gaki-san, on the other hand, says she would’ve ended up working either at Disneyland or as a kindergarten teacher. She says kids start to become gradually more impertinent by the age they get into elementary school, so kindergarten would’ve been just right for her.

Kame: But instead we are now the special vocalists of Morning Musume!
Gaki-san: (laughs) Just how pretentious do you want to sound?!

Song: Morning Musume – Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game (AL ver.)


Fan mail #1: “What’s the first thing you do after you wake up in the morning?”

For Kame, the thing she does first after waking up is walk to the living room and lie down. “I don’t go back to sleep though,” she explains. “I just want to keep resting.” For Gaki-san, what she would previously do is wake up instantly, walk to the living room to say hi to her mother (who is always on the computer reading Gaki-san’s blog or such) and then immediately go and wash her face to freshen up. However, nowadays she has become unable to do so and she always goes back for round two of sleep.

Fan mail #2: “I read the members’ blogs and I’ve noticed how Kame tends to often wear this cute hooded jersey during rehearsals and lessons. Please tell us all about it!”

You know,” Kame begins. “I knew lots of people were curious about it. I just felt like keeping it a secret until now.” Today, she finally decides to give us the inside scoop on this piece of clothing.

Kame: That hoodie… I bought it in Hawaii. That’s all.

Gaki-san is once again not terribly impressed.

Fan mail #3: This message is from pen name Fault Yamamoto who is sending an update to his previous message in which he talked about having been confessed to by a woman ten years older than him. It turns out that Gaki-Kame were right: the woman was indeed someone who had seen Fault Yamamoto’s comedy act and had fallen for him that way. He had a proper conversation with the woman, getting to know her a little bit, but ultimately deciding that he wished to focus on his comedy right now. He thus turned her down. He thanks Gaki-Kame for their advice on the matter.

The hosts feel relieved, finally knowing the conclusion to this story. The hosts were, however, surprised to learn the actual ages of the two people: the woman is 26 years old while Fault Yamamoto is 16. “So this woman really saw something attractive in a 16-year-old boy!,” Gaki-san ponders aloud.

In any case, the hosts think the listener is cool for having had the guts to properly speak to the woman and give her an honest reply. The two hope they can one day see the listener’s comedy act themselves.

Song: Morning Musume – 1 Kara 10 Made Aishite Hoshii
Song: Mano Erina – Dare ni mo Iwanaide

Gaki-Kame Self-Quiz Showdown!

Kame Quiz: “There’s that very famous actor person right now… Leonardo… da Vinci? Wait, that’s not right.” Kame’s question is in regards to Leonardo DiCaprio. Her mother recently got his name wrong when talking about him… but wrong how?

After thinking about it fruitlessly for a while, Gaki-san basically gives up. The correct answer is “Leonardo DeCaporio.

Gaki-san Quiz: Gaki-san’s little sister is very tech-savvy, and so the other day when Gaki-san was struggling with something on her iPhone, her sister took the phone from her, immediately did what Gaki-san was trying to do with it, handed it back and walked off — but not before saying a few choice words to Gaki-san. What might she have said to her?

Kame also fails to get anywhere near the correct answer, which was: “hey Riiko… ever heard of something called the instruction manual?

This week’s showdown is a tie.

Kame’s song request: SPEED – ALIVE

GakiKame (while doing voice percussion): We’re waiting for your messages! Go ahead and ask us anything, such as “is it true that Kamei Eri’s pronunciation of both “L” and “R” is perfect?” Anything goes!

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