Week End Survivor: An Extermination Game Episode 4 (2015.03.22)

By | August 20, 2015

K: Greetings once again, our faithful listeners. “The Dearly Departeds’ Disclosure Power Hour” is about to begin. I, the maid of this vacation home for now three years, Kirimoto, will be your host.

K: Thank you for the applause. Now let us begin. First up we have the first sacrifice of the game, the owner of the vacation home, Miss Arisa.
A: Hello everyone.

K: There was only one vote cast for you, Miss Arisa. For that vote, the survivors were given water as their relief item. Would you mind disclosing who you think voted for you?
A: Gladly. It was none other than him!
K: Quite the confidence you have there!
A: I realized it after listening to the last episode. To think he was seeing someone else behind my back. And with Natsu no less.
K: Huh? H-h-hold on there for a second. If I understand correctly, you’re saying the one who killed you was Yuuto-san.
A: Precisely. We kept it a secret, but the two of us were actually going out.
T: You didn’t keep it secret that well.
K: Takeshi-san, we’ll introduce you in a bit if you don’t mind. Please don’t interrupt.
T: My bad. Continue.
A: Yuuto probably didn’t think I’d actually die though. He was probably shocked beyond belief that he’d killed me, especially since he’d only halfheartedly written my name down. But he probably thought of himself as lucky afterwards. This way he didn’t have to worry about me finding out about him two-timing me.
K: It seems Yuuto-san got off lucky and was able to keep his lips sealed.
T: Yeah. That’s why I was trying to get in there and mess things up.
K: Alright then, next up we have the second sacrifice of the game, Takeshi-san!
T: ’Sup?

K: It looks like Yuuto-san was getting quite worried about getting found out there.
T: Hella worried! He had the balls to try and fight me and pin Arisa’s death on me! Because of that bastard I got two votes cast on me!
K: Do you mind disclosing who you think voted for you?
T: One of them was definitely Chiaki. And the other had to be Mina.
K: Mina? Who’s Mina?
T: Whoa there! You can’t be up and forgettin’ things here host. There’s that one chick that just got back to Japan who can’t speak well. That’s Mina.
K: Oh right. Now that you mention it…
T: Since her Japanese is so bad, she’s pretty quiet. She barely talks.
K: I’d completely forgotten she was even in there. But why do you think she voted for you?
T: I don’t really know how to explain it. Anyways, back to the real topic, I got two votes, right? And then I voted for Yuuto cuz he was pissing me off. But do you remember how Natsu had one vote cast on her? Guess who voted for him. There’s only one person who coulda done it.
K: You think it was Yuuto-san?
N: That’s exactly right. I was killed by Yuuto.
K: Oh! Um, finally, I’d like to introduce the third sacrifice of the game, Natsu-san!

N: Thank you for having me on the show.
K: Do you mind disclosing why you think Yuuto-san killed you?
N: I think it was because I suspected him. Yuuto must have thought I’d turned into a threat.
K: So, let me get this straight. You’re saying the person who set this whole game up, the perpetrator, is Yuuto-san, right?
N: No, not exactly. I don’t think he’s the perpetrator. He just got caught up in the game and took out those he thought were in his way.
K: In his way!?
N: Yuuto is actually a much more petty and scheming person than we see him as. So he did what he had to do in order for no one to find out about his true self and protect his image.
K: I see. With all said and done, the current survivors in the underground room are Yuuto-san, Chiaki-san, and Mina-san. Just those three.

K: And with that, the last vote is upon us. Let us return to the action in the underground room.

C: Natsu, why did you have to die? Natsu!

Geez. She sure is getting on my nerves. I think I’ll off her next. That Mina girl doesn’t make her presence known very often, so I’d probably be better off with her instead of Chiaki. Hell, Mina probably has a little crush on me. Her type usually fall for me. She only tagged along because she knew I was coming. How blatant. Regardless, she might come in handy later. I’ll keep around for just a bit longer.

M: Yuuto.
Y: What’s wrong, Mina?
M: Phones are, say something.
Y: Huh?

What is this? What’s a “bonus chance”?

C: Huh? What’s that noise?
Y: Over there! Something’s coming out from underground!
C: What is that? A treasure box?
Y: Let me check it out. You two stand back.

Inside the treasure box was a blindingly shiny gold bar. My mind went blank as I was drawn in by the overwhelming golden light.

C: Hey! Something came up on the phone screens.
Y: “The game will end upon the results of the next vote. Those who survive until the bitter end will be rewarded this gold bar as a bonus. Those who fight through to the end can share in the spoils.”
C: Why!? Why are they giving this to us!?

How the hell should I know? This whole game’s been nothing but mysteries from the start. There’s no need to be surprised about one or two new unknown elements being added. All that’s important right now is that gold bar. With that, I could live easy the rest of my life. As if I’d share that with either of these two.

Y: This might be some kind of trap. We should just wait for the time being and see if anything happens.

And then I whispered into Chiaki’s ear.

Y: There’s something I want to talk with you about. Come to the small room later.

C: What did you want to talk about?
Y: Chiaki, Mina was the one who voted for Natsu. Mina was the one who killed Natsu.
C: Why would she do that?
Y: To tell you the truth, Natsu and I were going out. And I know Mina has a crush on me so she must have killed Natsu out of jealousy.
C: What?
Y: Why don’t we avenge Natsu?
C: Avenge Natsu?
Y: If we both vote for Mina in the next round, we can kill her. We can avenge Natsu by killing Mina!
C: But that’s…
Y: Chiaki.
C: I don’t want to.
Y: What?
C: Natsu told me she didn’t want to kill anyone. I told her I’d follow her. Natsu wouldn’t like it if we killed Mina. I’m not going to vote for anyone!
Y: So you’re fine with being killed?
C: They can kill me if they want, but I’m not killing anyone.
Y: I see…

I didn’t think she’d make that kind of decision. But it’s fine really. She can have it her way. Having one less person voting only makes it more convenient for me. Now I just need to get Mina on my side. That’ll be easier done than said.

I quietly called out to Mina so Chiaki couldn’t try and stop me.

Y: Mina, let’s both vote for Chiaki.
M: Why?
Y: Chiaki’s trying to force me to go out with her but I just don’t like her. The one I really like is you, Mina. I don’t just like you, I love you. We should live through this together.
M: But, Yuuto, with Arisa, was going out. Am wrong?

Geez, how many people knew we were going out? This isn’t good.

Y: No, no, we weren’t going out. Arisa would just never leave me alone.
M: Not leave alone?
Y: Yeah.
M: Yuuto, did you, maybe, kill Arisa?
Y: What?
M: Tell me, the truth. If you do, I’ll help.
Y: Well, to be honest, I didn’t think she would actually die. But now that she’s dead, I can finally go out with you. If she was still around, she would have never let me. You probably didn’t know this about her but she’s a really selfish person who likes to make decisions for other people. So what do you say?
M: Okay. I’ll do, what you say.
Y: Thanks.

Heh. Talk about easy. Mina thinks we’re each going to put in a vote for Chiaki. But she’s wrong. I’m actually going to vote for her. And with Chiaki not voting for anyone, the voting period will end with one vote for Chiaki and one vote for Mina. With that, I’ll be the only survivor and that gold bar will be all mine!

P: At this time, a vote will commence.

This is the last time I’ll have to hear that incessant beeping. That’s probably why it sounds louder to me. It has more weight than the other times. It looks like Chiaki put her phone down already. I guess she wasn’t lying when she said she wasn’t going to vote for anyone. But what about Mina? Hehe, she’s looking at me, smiling. Poor girl doesn’t know she’s going to die.

P: The voting period has ended.
M: Yuuto. I have something to say.
Y: What is it?
M: Arisa, a bit, selfish. But, more good than selfish. Arisa, was nice, to me. When Mina was alone, “Come here”, she said to me. When Mina was crying, gave me a cute, handkerchief. I, love Arisa. That’s why, when Arisa die, I was sad.
Y: What?
M: I, loved, Arisa. With all heart. But I, was wrong. I though, Takeshi killed her. That’s why, I voted him. I didn’t think, it was you who did it.
Y: Wait! Hold on, Mina!
M: I cannot, forgive you.
Y: You didn’t…
P: Now for the results of the vote. With one unregistered vote, one vote for Hoshino Mina, and one vote for Kanazawa Yuuto, the sacrifices are Hoshino Mina and Kanazawa Yuuto and the relief items are a bouquet of flowers and a starry night sky.
Y: That can’t be right! This is all wrong! You have to let us do it again! One more time! Please!

Banging on the wall, Yuuto yelled and pleaded to an unknown entity. As that went on, silently crying, Mina kneeled down to the ground.

Wait, does this mean I’m the last survivor? But what did they mean when they said my relief items were a bouquet of flowers and a starry night sky?

What!? Why!? Why is the phone going off again!? I thought the game was over!

I looked at the screen on the phone in my hand. But in actuality, there was no phone. I listened to the beeping in the background as I slowly slipped out of consciousness.

When I came to, I found myself in pajamas on a bed. On one side of me, there was an ECG. On my other side, water and porridge. We had gotten those before as relief items. Next to the ECG, there was also an emergency respiratory device.

Was that supposed to be the oxygen we got?

There was nothing other than that. Well, except for a beautiful starry night sky beyond the barred windows.

But where, where am I!?

Who’s that?

K: Fujii Chiaki-san, congratulations!

In front of me was the maid, Kirimoto-san. She was in a white, doctor’s coat holding a big bouquet of flowers.

K: I see you were able to survive until the very end once again.
C: Why are you here!? Were you the perpetrator all along!? Bring them back! Bring back all my friends!
K: Fujii-san! I’m going to need you to calm down! First off, I am not a maid. I am a doctor. Your doctor to be exact.
C: A doctor?
K: And this is your hospital room.
C: I’m in a hospital?
K: Your confusion is understandable. Up until now, you’ve been living in an imaginary world. But don’t worry. You will get accustomed to the real world soon enough.
C: I don’t understand what you mean.
K: It would probably be for the best if you slept for a while. But before you do, could you turn your arm over please?

Kirimoto-san is a doctor? I’m in a hospital? An imaginary world? What’s going on!?

K: This might sting.

Who even am I?

K: What you have just watched was footage of our subject’s, Fujii Chiaki’s, weak end. She is now deceased. She had lost all will to live. She had actually attempted suicide a multitude of times before putting her in that room. Even after that however, she refused to drink any water, eat any food, and even use the respiratory device. At this stage, no normal form of treatment or medicine would have improved her condition. However, with the administration of our newest medication, “Survivor”, she created an imaginary world within the confines of her mind. Within that world, she gained the will necessary to continue living. She began to drink water, eat, and even use the respiratory device as she pleased. However, “Survivor” has a rather morbid side-effect. Within her imaginary world, she must kill the friends she holds dearest to her in order to keep living. We have yet to determine the origin of this side effect. We have however, theorized that it may stem from our subconscious desire to defeat those around us and be the last man standing. Therefore, in order for “Survivor” to see effective use worldwide, we must and will continue our research. With that, I conclude this interim report. Thank you for attending.

Reinlite: I hope you all enjoyed it. Here’s hoping for a subbed version of the play.

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  2. Pyo

    I don’t get the ending…
    I’m confused… was the whole game just Chiaki’s imanigation?

    1. reinlite

      It was all a figment of the Chiaki’s imagination caused as a side effect to an experimental drug called “Survivor” that was being developed by Kirimoto’s company. She was given that meditation for some undisclosed illness Chiaki was afflicted with. Survivor seems to always have the side effect of making the user imagine them killing their friends in order to live and, as Kirimoto briefly hinted at, Chiaki had gone through that effect multiple times already, but forgets every time.


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