Morning Musume ’15 12ki Nikki! #14 (2015.04.05)

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Maria is in charge today, with Nonaka as her support. Immediately, she starts talking about her nerves. In two days… on the 7th, Maria is supposed to throw the first pitch at Tokyo Dome for her beloved Hokkaido Ham Fighters.

Nonaka: Congratulations! Yay!!!
Nonaka: …What is a ‘first pitch’ anyway?
Maria: Nonaka-chan… you said ‘Congratulations’ (laughs) but you don’t even know what it is?

Maria gives Nonaka the Japanese for it (しきゅしき – shikyushiki) as before she was using the Waseigo for it (ファーストピッチ – Faasto Picchi) which helps Nonaka’s understanding a little bit, but in the end Maria explains that it means she gets to throw the ball to the player.

The reason why Maria is nervous is..

Maria: When I tried to do it previously… I could only go about 14 meters.
Nonaka: Don’t worry I can only do it for 6 meters.
Maria: Ahhh, what am I going to do?
Nonaka: How many meters do you need to get it?
Maria: …18 meters…
Nonaka: So 4 more meters? That’s rather a lot isn’t it?
Maria: It is….

Maria has no idea if she can do it or not and is panicking about it. She hasn’t been able to practice at all. She’s just had no place to. Nonaka suggests that Maria practice inside her house, but Maria insists that the walls are in the way.

Nonaka: …Good luck!

Well, at least she threw it all the way over there, even if it was a bit off.

Song: Morning Musume ’15 – Seishun Kozou ga Naiteru

Coming back from the song break, Maria reveals some ground breaking news… She and Nonaka… both.. absolutely adore stand up comedy.

There is act that Nonaka really likes called 8.6 Byou (Second) Bazooka. Back in October they had a joke set called “Rassun Gorerai” that the two of them memorized and would do. Nonaka had gotten Maria all into them as well.

They haven’t done the joke for about a month now.

Nonaka had first tried doing it on her own for some reason. Then she had really only talked to Maria about them so they both started practicing it on their own, when they would get home. After about one week Maria already had it perfectly memorized, doing it all by herself.

Because the two of them love comedians and stand up so much, they’re constantly trying to come up with groups that the other one might not know. It’s gotten almost competitive with the two of the looking them up so that they are not caught “unaware” by the other.

To end out this talk about stand up, Maria and Nonaka perform a short bit from “Rassun Gorerai” for us.

The actual routine

Song: Morning Musume ’15 – Ima Koko Kara

Mail #1

From Special Veku:

“Hello 12th Generation! Ayumi and Mizuki have graduated High School, while Masaki, Haruka AND Nonaka have graduated from Middle School! Congratulations! The girls who have graduated from Middle School are now starting their High School lives. Is there anything you want to try out in this new life?”

Nonaka answers that she really wants to start doing Yoga. She wants to start Yoga and also start visiting gyms. From April she wants to start eating better and building up muscles. She also wants to become more stylish like Maria is. Although Maria protests that she’s not stylish at all, Nonaka insists that Maria has that model body-type, with nice long legs. So she wants to go to the gym and try and become an amazing, stylish looking person.

Maria: …Eh.. now I want to go too.
Nonaka:  Yeah! Let’s go together! You seem like you would really like it.
Nonaka:  So next time I go to Yoga, let’s both go, okay?
Maria: Yeah. Let’s go.

Speaking of becoming healthy, Maria has started trying to drink “Detox Water”. She had learned about this from Iikubo Haruna. Iikubo had been carrying around this water bottle around recently and Maria had been curious so she had asked what was in it. Inside was water and a ton of strawberries. Iikubo answered that it was Detox Water. It consists of water and putting in strawberries or whatever fruit you like in it. So the vitamins or other helpful things from the fruits leech into the water. It also ends up smelling really good as well. After you’re done drinking the water, you can also eat the fruit afterwards.

Nonaka has become really interested about this after hearing Maria explain it to her. Maria goes on to say that there’s always strawberries in her house because she loves them (so her mom always buys them for her). Unfortuantely however, she always ends up eating them all before she is able to make the Detox Water. They have bananas at the house as well… but… Maria’s pretty sure that if she tried to do it with banana it would just be really stinky. They both decide that they want to really try it though.

Mail #2

From Noria:

“Hello 12th Generation! Every week I look forward to every broadcast! I really love everyone in the 12th Generation. I’ve got everyone’s t-shirt, wristband, towel, pretty much every one of your goods and I try to think of ways to wear them all at events and concerts. Unfortuantely, however, I only have one body to wear it all on. So here is my question. Please help me find a way to wear all four of your goods on me!”

Nonaka: Oh! This is a really interesting question!

Maria starts doing the math. There are 12 goods all together. (4 t-shirts, 4 wristbands and 4 towels). Maria thinks that maybe they should wear one of the shirts normally, of course, maybe whoever they like best, or at random. Maybe tie the other shirts to his arms. As for the towels… one should be around the neck as per normal.. one around their forehead.. one around the hips and maybe the last one can be used to twirl around. As for the wristbands. One of the left and right wrists, of course. Then they can put the other two on the tower around their neck. And thus, Maria has come up with a way to wear them all.

Nonaka, thinking on this, wonders if they’d be able to move well wearing all those goods. Then they realize that the person would have no hands free to do things, so they start rearranging things and making the whole set-up even more complicated than before.

In the end they decide that in reality, it actually might just be impossible. It would be annoying for the people next to the fan and the fan would get really hot during the concert. Instead it would just be best if they rotated goods. One day maybe wearing a t-shirt from one girl, a towel from another, wristbands from the other two.

The fact that this fan was trying really hard to do so however has made them pretty happy.

Maria then announces that she wants to read out one more message, though it has no question.

Mail #3

From Nakasaki:

“Starting in the spring, I am becoming a College Student, leaving Yamanashi and starting to live on my own in Kyoto. So I’m going to face towards the future and try my best I think!”

The two of them think that this is really amazing. It’s the theme of a life changing. Nonaka also feels like her life is changing, going from Middle School to High School. Maria also uses it as a segue to a song with the same feeling to it.

Song: Morning Musume ’15 – Yuugure wa Ameagari

Maria asks Nonaka how she felt about today and Nonaka is really glad that they got to talk about stand up today. It’s been a while since the two of them had really talked about it much. They agree to go watch some after this.

Final Message

Maria: I’m going to go practice more for my first pitch!

(forgetmenots: Hey guys! I’m awfully sorry for the delay in 12ki Nikkis. March was kind of a hectic month for me with changing out jobs. I went ahead and translated last week’s broadcast. I’m going to try to sneak in the four I missed where I have time, but I’m still judging the amount of free time I have with this new job. Thank you so much for your patience!)

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