Berryz Kobo Kiritsu! Rei! Chakuseki! 11-nen no kiseki – Part II (2015.02.18)

By | February 23, 2015

Kiritsu! Rei! Chakuseki! (Rise! Bow! Return to your seats!) was Berryz Kobo’s first radio show which ran for 5 years, from March 2004 until March 2009. In March 2014, they reunited for a 10 year special broadcast. Now, for the final time, the girls get together again for a special broadcast, ‘Berryz Kobo Kiritsu! Rei! Chakuseki! 11-nen no kiseki’ (11 years of miracles).

In the previous, first part of the summary, the girls looked back on their 11 years of activities. They also received several messages from concerned parties.
In this second part of the summary, one-by-one, the girls convey their messages to the fans.


Since they’ve gone through all this trouble to hold this special programme, the members, one-by-one, will deliver their messages to the fans. While they’re sure that they’ll have parting words at their final Budokan concert, with all the goings-on at the concert, they’d be at an emotional peak at that point in time. With this opportunity, while they’re still composed, they’d like to convey what they would like to say.

Everyone’s nervous, so Momochi volunteers to be the first to give her message. She doesn’t like solemn atmospheres, so she’ll just go at it with the mood as-is.

Momoko’s message

To all the listeners, to all the fans, thank you for the tons and tons of love you’ve showered us with throughout these 11 years.

Just as you can hear even from today’s radio broadcast, I may seem inconsiderate. Yet even someone like me gets told ‘You’re cute, you’re cute‘. I truly do receive a lot of love from you. Thank you so very much.

The memories of Berryz Kobo really warm me up from within. Of course, I believe that it’ll always remain in my heart. I wish that it would continue in the fans’ hearts as well. I’d like it if Berryz Kobo would continue to be rooted in your hearts forever. Please be prepared for it.

For these 11 years, thank you very much.

Berryz being Berryz, the members teasingly comment about Momo becoming all serious.

 Chinami: When you mentioned the part about being rooted in their hearts, it was a serious comment that you wouldn’t expect to come from Momochi.

Momoko: So would it have been better if I went ‘For these 11 years, thank you very much-nya~n?’

This suggestion doesn’t seem to go over well, and with that, Momo nominates Kumaicho to be the next to speak.

Yurina’s message

When I started doing radio broadcasts, I was bad at talking when we started out, and even now, I’m really bad at it. It’s like I’m not sure what I’m talking about, and I go in circles. And still, the listeners really do lend a kind ear, and listen to me. Even at events, everyone’s full of passion.

Um… I’m getting kind of emotional here (The rest try to calm her down) Now, flashbacks are coming in my head (Others: ‘Don’t cry~’)

Honestly, there were tough times, and there were times when I wondered if it was all right for me to be an idol. But now, I’ve got confidence, and I’m thankful that I’m in Berryz Kobo.

The really warm fans around us, as well as my family, the members, the staff-san. I truly am blessed with truly good people around me. I’m filled with so much gratitude that I can’t even begin to put it into words.

I’d truly like to continue to treasure the word ‘Enjoy’.

Meeting Berryz Kobo… Being part of Berryz Kobo… It’s a lifelong treasure that I won’t forget. All of you, please don’t forget this time too.

Thank you very much.

Sobbing, Kumaicho feels that it was a mess, but the others assure her that it was fine. Her mind was being flooded by flashbacks. Kumaicho then nominates Maasa, since it doesn’t seem like Maasa’ll cry.

Maasa’s message

Thank you so very much to everyone we met through Berryz Kobo.

The first time that I was thankful to be part of Berryz Kobo… Back when I made my début, I was really bad at singing. (Brief interruption as the girls ensure that Kumai-chan’s still doing all right. Maasa: ‘Kumaicho, listen ok?’ Yurina: ‘I’m listening’ )

I was bad at singing, but due to your feelings of wanting to meet us because of your love towards Berryz Kobo, you dropped by to see us at concerts, and you listened to Berryz Kobo’s songs. That made me very happy, and thanks to that, I was able to experience the joy of standing on-stage and singing in front of everyone.

From now, well, I started to enjoy singing a year or two too late, but I’d like to gradually improve at singing and directly face the songs from now on.

However, these 11 years, breathing in the same air as everyone, spending time in the same place, seeing the same view, it truly is a treasure. From now on too, I’d like to treasure it and not forget it.

Everyone, for your great support these 11 years, thank you very much.

As expected, Maasa was steady as a rock. She nominates Riichan to be next.

Risako’s message

Thank you very much for these 11 years.

Even if I say so myself, I’m the kind of person who’s up-front with what I say. I like what I like, I hate what I hate, and I really will say anything. Even when interacting with the fans, I speak frankly, as I obviously do with the members.

On the other hand, I’m sometimes too frank that it leads to misunderstandings. I’m really happy that there are people who cheer me on. I’ve even wondered why they’d support me these 11 years.

Of course, for me too, there were lots of things that were fun, but honestly, there lots of tough times. (Ah, I feel like crying)

But still, what gave me the most support was the members who were together with me. I think that if I was by myself, I’d have immediately quit. It’s due to the support of all sorts of people that I could do my best until now.

For these 11 years, thank you so very much.

Risako did well to hold back the tears. Kumai-chan is still doing her best.

Yurina: It’s age… Our tear ducts…

Risako agrees, and nominates Chinami to go next. In this solemn atmosphere, Chinami begins her message to everyone.

Chinami’s message

Everyone, thank you very much.

Berryz Kobo were first announced at Nakano Sunplaza on the 14th of January, 2004. The ground floor has about 20 rows of seats, but at the time, only 5 rows were filled with people. At the time, it was free to enter, and fanclub members would come. All of us were really small, still in primary school, and it was a group where no one knew what sort of girls were in it – that was our first appearance. The number of  people who came… how many were there?… well, not many.

At the time of our début, we had lessons and what not, our heads were so full, we couldn’t really feel it. And then , with no warning, we started our activities.

Thinking about it now, we’d have performances at Nakano Sunplaza, and at those times I’d think ‘At the time of our début, this was where the announcement was made, this was where Berryz Kobo started‘.

While there were only five rows of people when we were announced, now there are lots of people, even on the first floor. And we’ve been able to hold concerts at large venues like the Saitama Super Arena and Nippon Budokan.

I think that my start truly was the same as everyone’s (I said something good, didn’t I?). Whenever I experienced something for the first time, it’d always be together with everyone. At our first concert as well, I was really nervous, but all the members were also there. There were lots of fun memories.


Well, honestly, even now there are lots of things happening. There’s just a little time until the 3rd of March. I’d like to make lots of memories.

That’s right, all of you, in preparation for the 3rd of March, watch videos of the concerts that you went to. I’d like to show all of you a Berryz Kobo that’s in peak condition on the 3rd of March. When watching the 3rd March Budokan concert, I’d like those of you who have been cheering us on to think ‘Ah, haven’t these girls really grown up?‘ Well, there’s lots of things to think about. Everyone, I want all of you to look forward to the 3rd of March.

Thank you so very much.

Chinami hands it over to sub-captain Natsuyaki Miyabi.

Miyabi’s message

That’s right, there really were all sorts of things that happened over these 11 years.

For Miya, honestly, when we did the Saitama Super Arena concert, I was still a child. Yet, it moved me deeply to see that so many people had come for the sake of Berryz Kobo. I felt really surprised. It was a moment when I thought my dreams had come true.

I’ve enjoyed singing and dancing ever since I was small, so to get to perform it for lots of people… I guess that it was my dream since birth. Well, these 11 years, I think it’s great that I continued to perform.

Also, I’m really happy that Berryz Kobo got to go overseas. It made me really happy that we were known not only in Japan, but by people overseas as well. I think that it would have been great if we had more opportunities to go overseas.

11 years is really long, but I’d like to have tried more things. At this point, well, there are a lot of things I wish I could have done, but then, with Berryz Kobo’s hiatus, not thinking negatively, but positively, the result of thinking positively, well, we don’t know what we’ll do in the future, but each and every one of us has our own paths to head on, and even if, for example, it isn’t in the world of showbiz, we’d like the support of lots of people.

To the fans who have been supporting us for these 11 long years, well, feelings?… From the bottom of your heart, I want you to wish us the best of luck.

Well, my voice’s gotten pretty sad (she’s been sobbing since about the 2nd paragraph). Honestly, Miya’s really bad when it comes to this. Well, that’s how it is.

These 11 years, there were a lot of things that made me glad that I continued. Miya’s personality is definitely difficult, and sometimes I rubbed people the wrong way. With fellow girls, there were parts that were difficult, and there were numerous times when I wanted to quit, but I’m glad that I continued.

I’d like to make the 3rd March performance the best it can be, so please look forward to it.

That’s it, thank you very much.

Finally, Captain.

Saki’s message

I would like to deeply thank the fans who supported Berryz Kobo for 11 years.

Thinking back on it, ah, give me a second, OMG, aah~ (Her voice drops a notch, getting emotional) We’ve got all sorts of memories, and we got to do all sorts of corners just through Kiritsu! Rei! Chakuseki!

Kiritsu! Rei! Chakuseki! was the first radio programme that Berryz Kobo received. We learnt all sorts of things through it. For us, who had made our début while still in primary school, we were really bad at talking. And I’m sure our responses and such must have greatly troubled K-Taro-san at the time.

We received support from the staff-san. Also, we received letters from the fans. We got to interact increasingly more with the fans. The presence of this programme was really huge to me.

Going through these 11 years with these very same members, for me as Captain, it truly was my pride and joy. Definitely, getting to continue for 11 years, it’s thanks to the fans who have always been cheering us on. I’m full of gratitude.

There are still a few days until the 3rd of March, so I want you to watch us until the very end.

We still beg for your kind support towards Berryz Kobo.

And for the 11 years, thank you so very much.

Saki: …And for the 11 years, thank you so very much (sniffs) Ah, my nose is running.

Having defused the solemn mood in typical Berryz Kobo fashion, Captain wraps up by reminding everyone to keep their expectations up for their final concert before their hiatus.

♪ Berryz Kobo – Anata Nashi de ha Ikite Yukenai (original version) 

Today’s Berryz Kobo Kiritsu! Rei! Chakuseki! 11-nen no kiseki has come to an end. Captain notes that this might be the last time that they’ll all be together on radio, talking for an hour. Who knew that there would be such a great amount of tears? They hadn’t been speaking in a composed state of mind at all.

And yet, although there were solemn parts, it still was a fun, Berryz Kobo-ish broadcast. They marvel at how amazing it all is – they started with KRC while they were still in primary school. Now, all of them have grown up.

The one hour allocated for this special broadcast passed in the blink of an eye. It was fun, and they thank everyone for for listening.

Your companions were Berryz Kobo Captain, Shimizu Saki,
‘Momochi’ Tsugunaga Momoko,
Tokunaga Chinami,
Sudo Maasa,
Natsuyaki Miyabi,
Kumai Yurina,
Sugaya Risako.
Kiritsu! (Rise!)
Rei! (Bow!)
Sayonara~ (Goodbye~)

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