Morning Musume ’15 12ki Nikki! #3 (2015.01.18)

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This time around, only two of our four 12th Generation girls are MCing: Haga Akane and Makino Maria.

Of the two of them however, as promised, Maria is the one in charge. Maria asks Akane if she thinks they’ll be all right with just the two of them. Akane replies that they’ll try their best at least.

Song: Morning Musume ’14- Tiki Bun

Maria once again announces them and then pauses to say she still sounds really stiff.

Akane replies that it’s only Maria’s third time saying it and she’s probably just nervous.

Next, Maria brings up that a while back 12th Generation went out to Yakiniku with all of the Morning Musume ’15 girls, sans Suzuki Kanon who couldn’t come. She asks Akane how it was.

Akane says that she had a lot of fun, because it was the first time they were able to talk to everyone a lot. Maria agrees, but then mentions that their senpai kept asking them so many questions. The question that was especially hard to answer was:

“After getting to know everyone, which one of their Senpai seemed the most different than they expected?”

Akane adds that it really was a hard question to answer in front of them, but she ended up going with Satou-san. Her impression of Satou before hand was that she seemed like she was the type of person to go “I was here before you guys”, but then Satou talked to them a lot and also ended up being incredibly nice. Satou often helps teach them rhythms to the songs when they’re having trouble. Maria agrees that Satou is really nice.

As for Maria’s answer, Ishida-san was the most different. She continues on by saying that before she joined, when she was in the Kenshuusei, Ishida seemed to be really serious about things. After joining though, she realized that Ishida is really hilarious person.

For both of them there are still times that they get nervous around their senpai, but they are getting used to it. They also hope that they get another chance to go out with them again.


Not what they seem to be… or maybe judging by this photo, exactly what they seem to be.

Song: Morning Musume – Renai Revolution (UPDATED)

For the first time, 12th Generation are answering questions from mail! Akane and Maria thank everyone for sending them so much mail.

Mail #1

The first mail is from someone called Shitain-san

“Hello! Congratulations 12th Generation on getting a radio program! To quickly get to the point, can you recommend a local spot to go to in your prefectures so that I could maybe go when going to a concert or travelling?”

Akane answers first. She is from Nagano, and doesn’t sound very confident when she finally comes up with Zenkoji Temple. Maria has no idea what that is. Akane tries to explain that that’s the tourist spot when it comes to Nagano. Maria mentions that she goes to a place called Hakuba in Nagano every year to go skiing. (A.N.: This is a town in the middle of a huge winter recreational area, one of the biggest in Japan). Akane does go skiing a lot. She’s not really all that good though. She has had to take classes for it every year, yet still manages to slip and fall constantly.

Maria: Next time I’ll do the teaching for you!
Akane: I wonder if I can be taught…

Maria on the other hand is from Aichi and of course there is only one place she can recommend: Nagoya Dome. Now, defending herself, she says that yes part of the reason is that she loves baseball, but that’s not the only reason she’s suggesting it.

When she was in Elementary School, she was able to participate in an event where she got to make a baseball glove with baseball player Masahiro Yamamoto. There she was also able to take a photo with Shou Nakata and Atsunori Inaba from Nippon Ham Fighters that was made into a postcard. She also notes that she was the only girl there, so she felt like she had to work extra hard to make the glove. Later she remembers using it to play catch with her friends.


Maria is to Baseball what I am to Hello! Project… Hopelessly obsessed.

Mail #2

The next mail is from a listener called Kikipon:

“Hello. Out of all the Morning Musume ’15 songs, which one is your favourite and why?”

Akane answers instantly that her favourite is Be Alive. She just loves the smooth melody and she adores the lyrics. Maria also thinks that it is a really nice song. She says that she remembers singing it for the audition, she also remembers that it was a really hard song to sing. Akane though got 95 points once when singing it at karaoke. Maria is impressed.

Maria’s favourite Morning Musume song is The Peace!. She’s just so in love with Ishikawa Rika’s monologue. She can recite it all. When she does karaoke she does the entire song by herself.

Song: Morning Musume – Love Machine (UPDATED)

Somehow because there were only two of them this time, Akane didn’t feel very nervous like the last two times.

Maria points out that when it was all four of them they were really hyper and all over the place, but this time with just the two of them it was a bit more adult-like, and not like two middle school students at all.

After the show is finished we are left with a final message from Maria:

“In reality, more than the two older members, Akane and Maria act the most adult-like.”

6 thoughts on “Morning Musume ’15 12ki Nikki! #3 (2015.01.18)

  1. Anonymous

    Knowing that Ishida isn’t always serious makes her more likeable. Thanks for translating this! 🙂

    1. eynjel18

      yeah Ayumi funny personality is one of her best assests. So happy for Maachan, she’ll be a great sempai and she’s maturing lately. I’m starting to like Akane more since their debut, hopefully she will feel more comfortable performing with her sempai.

  2. Corby

    I think Akane and Maria are more calm when it’s just the two of them because they already knew each other (even if only a little bit) from Kenshuusei. I feel like that’s obvious, but maybe Haruna and Miki really ARE the hyper ones?

    Thanks for translating!!

  3. Anonymous

    Man, it took me way too long to figure out who the hell “Satou-san” was.

    1. forgetmenots Post author

      I try to refer to the other girls as 12th Gen do, but that one was hard lol. Maachan is Maachan to me or Masaki.

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