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School Festivals

Since it’s November, the discussion opens up on campus festivals, which normally occur during this time of year. These festivals are what the name implies, they’re essentially carnivals on university campuses with lots of food and games hosted by different school clubs and their are music and dance showcases for the students, and usually the school books some musical acts to perform. Rinapuu, not a college student, remembers that they performed at one festival last year and it was kind of a surreal experience. Normally they have lots of fans that show up wherever they go, but their typical wota behavior like jumping or dancing isn’t exactly encouraged at these sorts of events, especially if they aren’t students, they had to rely on the reactions of the students who were there instead. They were all really worried about how they would react since they’re not college students and still rather young by comparison, but it ended up being really fun and the crowd was very supportive.

blog, Tamura Meimi-502917
Who would ever guess she’s not a college student?

Meimi, also not a college student, says that she went to one once with Kanyon and Kananan when they had time to hang out. It was incredibly fun, so much so that she didn’t want to go home. Rinapuu wants to try working at festival or a theme park, as well. In particular, she wants to be that one person who always waves and says “have fun!” in kind of a sarcastic way at the front of haunted houses or roller coasters. You know the one. I think it suits her.

The 2nd generation members

They take a moment to reflect on the past two shows, in which all of the 2nd gen members were present. Rinapuu says it was a whole lot of fun and it made her appreciate the radio show even more, because she’s not sure there would be too many other opportunities to showcase how all 4 of them interact together otherwise. Meimi has a bit of a complaint, though: they were set up in a room to record where they really couldn’t see each other too well, and she thinks it would have been more fun to be able to see everyone’s faces as they talked. Rinapuu points out that this is rude to the staff who let all 4 of them get together in the first place and besides, if they could see everyone’s faces they probably would have laughed too much to actually record any talking.

Meimi also remarks that they’re coming to the end of their long tour. Rinapuu says that she had been worried about how long it was at first, but then they had the play and everything on top of that and now it’s almost over, it seems like it’s gone by very quickly. Meimi points out that these are the last few times they’ll be performing on stage together as 6 members so she thinks that everyone wants to make the last few shows something special and legendary. Above all, Rinapuu was glad that they were able to go to prefectures they’ve never been to before, Okinawa in particular. Meimi agrees… except for that flight. Meimi, for those who aren’t aware, is terrified of flying. She has to for work, clearly, but she can’t sleep because of the turbulence and she gets more freaked out the longer they’re in the air, so going to Okinawa was maybe less fun for her than it was for everyone else.

Oh, it’s also Meimi’s first radio show as a 16-year-old, woo! In honor of that and the last few shows as 6 members, the first song is one made famous by the original 4 and that the 2nd gen members performed together at Budokan.

Song: S/mileage – ○○Ganbaranakutemo ee nen de

Tamura Theater
Gekidan Tamura, in which Meimi acts out a script sent in by a listener

The script today comes to us from Weam, entitled “Incident.” Rinapuu is also the super special actor guest today (which confused her at first; she thought an actual actor was coming in to play the roles). Bear in mind that each of them are doing multiple roles, Meimi as the cop, the mother, and the hostage, Rinapuu as the criminal and the helicopter.

Meimi: In pursuit of the criminal! Release that girl, surrender yourself!
Rinapuu: How annoying. I need a helicopter. If you don’t get me one quick, I don’t know what might happen to the girl.
Meimi: Aaaaah! Save me!
Meimi: Oh no, we can’t reach them while they’re in the air! They’re getting away, stop asking, “What should we do?” Get down!
Rinapuu: Damn it, they’re after us. Quick, hostage, do an impression of Kuroyanagi Testuko!
Meimi: Aaaah! Why on earth?! … (in her impression voice) “Um, a bad person has taken me. What is that? He said he’s going to beat me up.”
Meimi: What’s happening?! The hostage’s face is obscured!
Rinapuu: They can’t see it clearly, they’re not giving us the helicopter. Keep doing that.
Meimi: Help me… (impression voice) “My heart is in pieces.”
Meimi: Argh… well, we’ll just have to use the criminal’s mother to get him! Mother, please!
Meimi: Masahiro…
Rinapuu: Oy, my mother is here.
Meimi: Masahiro… fight on.
Meimi: Ma’am, why are you encouraging him?!
Meimi: Officer, please take a photo of us together, me and my son.
Meimi: Ugh, why are you asking at a time like this? We have no choice but to use the helicopter… Well… Wait… If we use a helicopter that only one person can fit into, the criminal may get away but we might be able to get the girl! We could get him to hand her over, but there’s an issue with the fuel… it might not get off the ground, but we have no choice! Let’s use the helicopter!
Rinapuu: Do you finally get it? Time is running out.
Meimi: I’ve got it!
Rinapuu: (helicopter noises) Wow, amazing, it’s a heli-heli-helicopter! Hooray! Hooray! Yay! I’ve never seen one with a rotor like this! Impressive!
Meimi: You just wanted to see a helicopter?!
Meimi: My boy loves his helicopters.

Meimi thanks Rinapuu for taking this so seriously and informs us that the radio staff are actually giving them a standing ovation. Mostly Rinapuu just didn’t want Meimi to get mad at her for not acting seriously.

Song: S/mileage – One day

Fan Letter

The letter today is from Higu. Higu is a new fan of S/mileage, thanks to Hello!Sta. They had been watching Hello!Sta for a while, but they saw the 3rd gen announcement and got interested in 2nd gen, so they started listening to the radio show and enjoyed how noisy and fun they were. They were also very impressed with how mature they looked in their last single release and want to be like in them in working hard at everything they do. Meimi is happy about this, because she thinks a lot of people are under the impression that idols are only cute and nothing more. She thinks that idols rather have the responsibility of conveying messages and songs and dreams to people, so it makes her very happy when someone understands that and wants to be more like them. Rinapuu says that she’s always happy to hear people say that she’s cute, but it means a lot more when someone says that they respect or admire her. So keep that in mind if you ever get a chance to give her a compliment.

Katsuta Rina-496855
Not just a pretty face

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