RIHO-DELI #181 (2014.09.14)

By | October 7, 2014

rihodeliOpening Skit:

Deli-kun: Riho-chan, can I ask you something?
Sayashi: What is it, Deli-kun?
Deli-kun: Starting this year, “’14” was added to Morning Musume’s name, right?
Sayashi: That’s right. Starting this year, I’m Morning Musume ’14’s Sayashi RiFOUR. Please treat me well.
Deli-kun: Hold on! You’re Sayashi RiHO, right? You said “RiFOUR” just now. You’re attaching “’14” even to your own name?
Sayashi: I did no such thing.
Deli-kun: No, you did say it. Say it one more time.
Sayashi: Sure. I’m Morning Musume ’14’s Sayashi RiFOUR!
Deli-kun: You totally said it just now.
Sayashi: Please stop fooling around. I did not say it.
Deli-kun: Am I the one who’s wrong…?
Sayashi: Every Sunday at 4:30 p.m. RIHO-DELI will be brought to you by Morning Musume ’14’s Sayashi RiFOUR! Be sure to listen, ok?!
Deli-kun:*mutters*…She’s definitely saying it…

Song: Morning Musume ’14 – “Password is 0”

Sayashi: Hello, I’m Morning Musume ’14’s Sayashi Riho!
Deli-kun: So envious…I’m so envious…so envious…
Sayashi: Hey, please greet everyone~
Deli-kun: Do I have to?
Sayashi: Of course.
Deli-kun: Listeners probably don’t know why I’m envious…You just came back from your Hawaii trip, right?
Sayashi: I did!
Deli-kun: I’m so enviooouuusss!
Sayashi: Hyahhooi! Hyahhooi!
Deli-kun: Don’t give me that “Hyahhooi!”
Sayashi: Today I would like to brag about it to Deli-kun. ^_^
Deli-kun: All I can say is that I’m envious! …Alright, fine. Please tell us about it.

Sayashi says they did a lot of photoshoots and filming, so it was a pretty long stay. Of course, one of the main things was the fan club tour. Sayashi finds it a little strange to be able to meet the fans in Hawaii. She thinks it’s great that they get to enjoy a fan club event with a different atmosphere. This time was Michishige-san’s last one, so the members and fans prepared a surprise for her. There were also the usual solo corners for each member as well as the optional tours, so it felt really fulfilling. Being with the fans in a different atmosphere and doing things like dancing with them allowed her to see another side of the fans. She feels like the distance between the members and the fans got a bit shorter.

When it comes to Hawaii, Sayashi thinks the food is great. They got to go to a lot of restaurants and she ate a lot. Sayashi goes on about how good and thick and juicy the steak was at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse. Deli-kun knows the restaurant and says he’s never eaten there himself and has only seen pictures. He sounds very envious, so naturally Sayashi tortures him with more descriptions of the oh-so-delicious food until he begs her to stop.

Deli-kun asks her to move on and talk about other things from the trip, such as things that deeply moved her. Sayashi starts gushing about the pancakes at a restaurant called Bills.

Sayashi: There are three pieces of pancake and on top of them, there’s butter with all these different things that are purple and red and…Wait, I’m being laughed at (laughs) Did I say something weird? …Oh, he’s right! (laughs)
Deli-kun: The director is telling you to be careful. You did this earlier too. You’re getting so excited that you’re going above the mic instead of talking into it! Please talk into the mic.
Sayashi: (laughs) Sorry! My jaw went above the mic instead of staying in front! I’m sorry!
Deli-kun: Yeah. I saw you do it earlier too. I understand you’re excited, but…
Sayashi: Sorry. I wanted to talk passionately about it.
Deli-kun: Yes, ok, go on.

Sayashi goes on about how Bills is very famous, which raised her expectations really high. She says that a lot of times when that happens, she ends up disappointed. But when she finally tasted the Bills pancakes…

Sayashi:…So soft!…So soft…sweet…delicious!
Deli-kun: I’m so envious!
Sayashi: My expectations were really high, and yet…it completely surpassed them. The flavor expands in your mouth. The butter and the pancake’s texture…They melt in  your mouth…It was like…like…um…being in heaven. I felt like I was about to ascend into heaven.
Deli-kun: Are you also gonna ascend above the mic? (laughs)
Sayashi: Yes, it was that delicious!

Song: Morning Musume – “Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatteirun dayo”

Shuwa Shuwa Mail Corner ’14

Letter: “Konnichihyahhoi!” The listener writes in about MM’s recent appearance on the show, Mechaike. The listener found it really funny, especially the part when Sayashi puts on the sweatpants super fast. The listener asks Sayashi to share any interesting anecdotes from the filming.

Sayashi says that they were happy at just being able to appear in Mechaike. It was also a live broadcast, so she was really nervous and worried about whether it would turn out funny. But when the broadcast finally started, she just really wanted to be spun around by the angry dad character. [For those who don’t know, the concept for that particular segment of Mechaike is of a father with an explosive temper who becomes physically violent with others, as far as I can tell.] Sayashi says all of the members tried really hard to provoke him into spinning them around. Years before, when the earlier generation of MM appeared on the show, their sweatpants came off after being spun around by the dad. Because of that funny scene, it was decided that the members would also wear sweatpants this time.

Sayashi wanted to be spun around no matter what, so she tried to put the sweatpants on as fast as she could. When she later watched the video, she realized just how high she had jumped as she put them on–so much so that she looked like Funasshi.

Sayasshi jumping!


As for being spun around, Sayashi says it felt like riding an amusement park ride. The dad character was scary, but she says the person playing him is actually pretty nice, so it was ok. She hopes that they can appear on the show again someday.

Here, Deli-kun tells her that he has another letter to read. The listener requests that Sayashi do her usual closing line in Hiroshima dialect. Deli-kun points out that she doesn’t often speak Hiroshima dialect. Sayashi says it’s because she usually uses standard polite/honorific language. It’s been a while since she spoke it, so she’s looking forward to it.

Song:  Morning Musume ’14 – “Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe”


[In Hiroshima dialect]

“Uchi no Hiroshima-ben wo kikitai to omottoru hito ga oru koto wa bari ureshii wa!”
“I’m very happy that there are people who want to hear me speak Hiroshima dialect!”

Song: Morning Musume ’14 – “Password is 0”

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  1. RihoFan

    Thanks for the translation. Riho sure loves her food so much for someone so thin.

  2. Novakayne

    LOL, the thing that deeply moved her during the hawaii trip was the pancakes. There aint many idols like that, aint she awesome.

    I seen the Mechaike episode and she put those pants on in record time, nearly less than a second. It was frickin hilarious


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