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Konya mo Usachan Peace #407 (2014.08.11) (guest: Sato Masaki)

By | September 1, 2014


Continuing from last time, Maa-chan is Sayu’s guest again this week. Sayu begins by doing an impression of what Maa-chan said first thing after they were done recording last week’s episode:

Sayu asks why she has to listen Maa-chan sighing like she’s just suffered through some really hard work when it’s Sayu herself who feels like doing so. Maa-chan laughs through her protests. Sayu asks why Maa-chan was saying she wants to come again this week if she felt so tired already, but Maa-chan assures her that she wants to do two, three, even four weeks of this show in a row with Sayu.

Sayu: A full month with Maa-chan as the guest, huh…
Maa-chan: A month is four weeks long?

Still, Sayu shes say’s glad Maa-chan seems to be enjoying herself.

Sayu: Konya mo…
Sayu & Maa-chan: Usa-chan peace!

Song: Morning Musume Rokkies – Watashi no Jidai!


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Konya mo Usachan Peace #406 (2014.08.04) (guest: Sato Masaki)

By | August 26, 2014


Sayu flubs her greeting to the listeners as she tries (and fails) to hold back her laughter, presumably because of something stupid her guest was doing. Sayu’s guest introduces herself as the recently-turned-15 Sato Masaki — Sayu asks her if she’s absolutely sure about that as previous to the show starting, she had replied she was actually 16 years old when prompted her age by the staff.

Sayu: So after thinking about it some more, you can now with confidence say you’re 15, right?
Maa-chan: Yes. I can now say I’m exactly 15 years old. After looking it up.
Sayu: …You looked it up?!
Maa-chan: I did! I really couldn’t remember.
Sayu: Wait, so you used the internet to look up your own age?
Maa-chan: Yes!
Sayu: You seriously forgot how long you’ve been alive?
Maa-chan: No, I didn’t.
Sayu: …You just told me you did.
Maa-chan: (laughs happily)

Sayu then blames Maa-chan for talking too much from the get-go, for talking on top of her, and for making her botch up her opening. Maa-chan responds to these accusations with laughter.

They talk about how she’s the last member from the current group to come as a guest on Sayu’s radio. Sayu says she’s really worried about tonight’s show and that she’s never had a guest on that’s made her this anxious. Maa-chan giggles and doesn’t understand why Sayu would be worried.

Sayu goes “Oh well, I’m sure it’ll be fun anyways. Let’s enjoy ourselves, yeah?!” and offers Maa-chan a high-five… which goes ignored. Sayu calls Maa-chan awful.

Sayu: Konya mo…
Sayu & Maa-chan: Usa-chan peace!

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