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FIVE STARS Niigaki Risa & Kamei Eri #57 (2010.05.03)


We’re right in the midst of Golden Week! To celebrate, this episode will be a fan mail special.

Song: Morning Musume – Namidacchi

Fan mail #1: The first message is from a listener who has only just recently become a fan of Morning Musume. Through viewing the group’s live videos on the internet, they’ve noticed something peculiar: Sayu seems to kiss a lot of the other members quite often. And yet, she never seems to do so to Gaki-san or Kame even though she is close with the both of them. Why?

What do you think about all this kissing business?,” Gaki-san asks her co-host. While Kame sees nothing wrong with some simple kisses, she recognizes that Sayu is especially proactive in trying to initiate these things. On their current tour (“Pikappika!”), Sayu’s been kissing Ai-chan constantly — she’s been going so far as to making premonitions like “one day, I’m going to make Ai-chan’s lips mine.” The hosts agree, though, that the kissing is still at an acceptable level at the moment — any more than this and it might be gross.

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FIVE STARS Niigaki Risa & Kamei Eri #56 (2010.04.26)


Gaki-san recently updated the show’s blog with a simple request to the listeners: “suggest me good retorts I can use against Kame when she’s acting stupid!

Gaki-san received a bunch of ideas from fans, and so she wants to take time out of the show today to decide the best retorts against Kame. Some of the suggestions sent in include the classic “nande yanen!” (“why the hell?!“) and “chau chau!” (“wrong!“), but also more inventive ones such as “Kamei ka yo!” (“are you Kamei!?“), “mayuge beam!” and “mou, hontou no kame ni natte” (“ugh, please turn into a real turtle already“).

Gaki-san’s personal preference of the ones listed so far is “Kamei ka yo!” She asks Kame to choose her favorite — “what’s the one you think would affect you the most if you were acting stupid?” Kame says she prefers the snappier ones such as “chau chau!“, but ultimately chooses “chigau ga na!” (“that’s wrong!“) Thus, that’s the one they will go with on today’s show.

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