Week End Survivor: An Extermination Game Episode 1 (2015.03.01)

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Reinlite: Slightly different from what you’ll find on this site, I am proud to bring you all a full translation of the four part radio version of Week End Survivor. I am not 100% on the differences as I have not watched the play, but I have read the story developments are different as well as the ending. Also, in this radio version, there are less characters and the members playing their roles have been switched around, so this version shouldn’t (completely) ruin you on the play. Without further ado, I hope you enjoy Week End Survivor Radio Drama ver.

This month’s program is “Week End Survivor”.

Published by Every Star, written by Shiono You, “Week End Survivor: An Extermination Game” is the winner of both the BS-TBS Award and Futabasha Award from 2014’s Smart Phone Short Story Awards.

The cast will comprise of six members from the newest Hello Project Kenshuusei group, Kobushi Factory, and Berryz Koubou’s Sudou Maasa.

In this first episode, we have Hirose Ayaka as the main character, Natsu, Hamaura Ayano as the leader of the group, Yuuto, Inoue Rei as the pompous Arisa, Taguchi Natsumi as the delinquent, Takeshi, Ogawa Rena as the popular Chiaki, Nomura Minami as the recently returned from living abroad Mina, Sudou Maasa as the maid, Kirimoto, and TBS-954 News Announcer Tanaka Hitomi as the cell phone voice.

Script written by Oota Yoshinari.

With that, enjoy the first episode of “Week End Survivor”.

Y: Is everyone okay?
N: Wh-what just happened!?
T: It’s pitch black in here! I can’t see a damned thing!
A: You can’t be serious! The door won’t open!
Y: What!? Kirimoto-san!
A: Kirimoto! Open the door!
C: Somebody! Anybody! Help us!
T: It’s no use.
C: Did Kirimoto-san die?
Y: Who knows?
C: I mean, she’s not responding to us. That must mean she’s dead.
A: What’s going to happen to us!? Are we going to die too!? Are we!?
T: Goddamn you’re loud! Shut it, will ya!?

On that day, we couple of middle school classmates had come out to Arisa’s vacation home to hang out. Located on a mountain far from town, that old home stood in isolation. Their maid, Kirimoto-san, alone was there. There were no other adults. We had originally gone to spread our wings that entire weekend. Unfortunately…

C: Ah!
K: Kids, this way!

We did as Kirimoto-san told us and took shelter in a small room underneath the house.

K: Don’t move. I’ll be right back. I’m going to go check the surrounding area.

Right after she had shut the door…

That’s how we were trapped in that underground room.

Y: Look! I found a lamp.

Lit by the dim light of the lamp, we found ourselves in a wide, empty room. No furniture. Nothing. At the far end of the room was a smaller room. Next to it, a traditional, in-ground toilet.

T: A squatting toilet?
C: You have to be kidding.
Y: We may be here for a while. You should be glad we have at least that. And there’s no need to worry about suffocating either. There’s a vent on the wall.

That’s Yuuto. A member of the student council with a strong sense of justice.

T: This is some kinda shit. Why the hell did we have to get trapped here?

That’s Takeshi. A short tempered delinquent.

C: What’s up with that noise just now? Was there lightning mixed up in there?

That’s Chiaki. She talks and complains a bit too much.

A: Fret not. I am the only daughter of the Mizuguchi Group. They’re probably up in arms right now as to my whereabouts.

That’s Arisa. The queen of this domain.

M: Me too, soon saved, I think.

That’s Mina. Having just returned after living abroad, her Japanese isn’t all that good. I assume that’s why she doesn’t talk much.

And I’m Natsu. Just a regular old middle-schooler you’ll find just about anywhere.

Y: What’s wrong Natsu?
N: Don’t you hear that?
Y: Huh?
T: Now that you mention it, I do hear somethin’.
A: Maybe somebody’s phone is ringing.
C: No way! Who has their phone on them!?
N: Wait no! I think it’s coming from under the floor.
T: Seriously!? M-make room!

Yuuto and Takeshi helped me dig up a small sack out of the floor. For whatever reason, there were a handful of smart phones in the sack.

T: Wow! Look at all the phones!
C: This is the one I’ve been wanting too!
A: But how did they get there?
Y: Bad luck guys. It looks like we can’t make calls or send text messages.
C: Ugh! Seriously!?
T: Damn it! And here I was getting happy.
Y: What’s this app?

Installed on each of these phones was a single app. It was called “Survivor”. Though taken aback by the ominous name, we all opened the “Survivor” app. Upon loading, we were presented with an explanation.

Y: “An Extermination Game”? “Welcome to world of the survivors”?
A: “In this game, you will receive provisions and other relief items.”
T: “In order to receive them, a sacrifice must be decided upon by a vote.”
C: “The one to receive the most votes will be deemed the sacrifice.”
N: “Attain survival using the lives of your dear friends around you.”

T: Hm? What the hell does that mean?
C: What’s a sacrifice exactly?
Y: It is someone chosen from a band of individuals to die for the betterment of the rest.
A: They die!?
Y: Apparently by doing so we will receive relief items, which we’ll desperately need in this situation.
T: What the fuck are they trying to get at with this!?
C: That sounds pretty creepy.
Y: It’s strange, don’t you think?
N: What is?
Y: There are exactly six phones. One for each of us. On top of that, whoever prepared all of this somehow knew we would get trapped in this room.
N: Who could have done all this?
C: What!?

Amidst our conversation, the phones started to ring.

P: At this time, a vote will commence.
N: A vote?
Y: Look! The phones have started counting down!
A: One minute!? Does that mean we have to vote within this minute?
T: How ‘bout we test it out by writing someone’s name?
N: You can’t be serious.
A: Takeshi! Put down your phone!
T: Huh?
A: Just do it!
T: Arisa, I was just kidding. You don’t actually think I’ve fallen for this, do you?
A: If you even dare write my name down, I’ll turn it right around and write your name!
C: I don’t think I’ll let go of my phone either.

Everyone had put down their phones earlier because they were creeped out, but fearing that someone might write their name down, nobody would ever put their phone down again.

P: The voting period has ended.
Y: It stopped beeping.
C: What was that?

P: Now for the results of the vote.
A: The results?
C: Ssh!

Everyone took a deep breath as they waited for the results to come up on the screens.

P: With six unregistered votes, there are no sacrifices and no relief items.
C: Thank goodness!
T: Fuckers! Trying to scare us.
Y: I don’t know who set this all up but it’s a terrible joke. There’s no need to worry about it. Yeah. Help will be here in no time. We just have to wait.

We did just as Yuuto said and waited, hoping that help would soon find its way to us. I thought to myself about how this had to be some kind of practical joke. Some kind of hidden camera TV show prank. Even though this a bit far to go for a TV show, I’m sure we would all burst out laughing if someone came through the door and told us we were all caught on camera. We’d all be relieved. But no matter how long we waited, no one came through that door. Nobody revealed to us this was just a prank. After a point, we’d lost track of time. There were no windows in the room and the phones did not display time. We could no longer tell whether the sun was shining bright outside or not. Under the light of the dim, old lamp, we became more and more silent and more and more worried.

C: Hey.
A: What?
N: Chiaki…
C: What do you think we would have gotten as a relief item if we had chosen a sacrifice in the vote a while ago?
N: Why would you think about something so dark?
C: I mean, humans die if they don’t drink enough water, right? I’m like super thirsty right now.
A: Don’t worry. Help will be here any minute now.
C: Arisa, you say that, but if that maid Kirimoto actually did die, we’re pretty much screwed.
T: The fact that we’re still trapped here means no one knows about our little problem.
C: On top of that, we’re deep in some mountain. What if the roads are blocked by debris or the bridge is broken?
A: Don’t lump me in with the rest of you. I am far above you all. This is no place for someone of my status to die!
T: You know why nobody’s come to save you yet? Because no one gives a shit about you!
Y: Takeshi, that’s enough!
T: This is no time for you to be looking down on people!
A: Have you thought about this? At this point, they’re going to need to send helicopters to come save us. Do you know how much it costs to send out even just one helicopter? I’ll tell you. It costs far more than any one of you can afford. That’s why if and when the helicopter gets here, it was because I was here! If you keep talking to me like that, you can forget about making it out of here safely!
T: If and when that happens, I’ll happily kill you if it means getting on that helicopter!
Y: Takeshi!
T: The bitch is asking for it!
C: Ah! The phone…

P: At this time, a vote will commence.
A: Not again!
Y: Arisa…
A: Somebody open this door right this instant! Who do you think you have trapped in here!? I am a superior human being! Don’t think you’ll get away with this little game of yours! One word of this to my father and you’re done! So open this door! Open this door right this instant!

Arisa kept banging on the door. The rest of us just watched her in silence. Looking at the expressions on everyone’s faces through the pale light coming from the phones, I could not imagine what must have been running through their minds.

Y: The beeping stopped.

C: But what’s that sound?
T: Look over there!

As we looked in the direction Takeshi had pointed to, we noticed that part of the wall had collapsed. Amidst the rubble, something white could be seen.

C: What is that?
T: Isn’t that one of those pissing statues?

Just as Takeshi said, it was a statue of a small boy urinating. Water was coming out of it. There was even a drain below it. Yuuto went up to check it out.

A: Can we drink that water ?
Y: Yeah, I think we can.
C: Really!?
Y: Look here on the side. It says, “Feel free to drink.”

Without a second though, everyone started to drink. Never before had I realized just how delicious water was. It felt as if the water were coursing throughout my entire body.

Y: Huh?

P: Now for the results of the vote. With five unregistered votes and one vote for Mizuguchi Arisa, the sacrifice is Mizuguchi Arisa and the relief item is water.
C: Oh no!
Y: What’s wrong!
C: Arisa is…

On the floor lay Arisa’s corpse, eyes wide open.

T: They weren’t joking around.
M: Who?
Y: Huh?
M: Who was the one, who killed, Arisa?

The ever silent Mina had finally spoken up.

M: Murderer!

P: Number of remaining survivors: 5.

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