RIHO-DELI #180 (2014.09.07)

By | September 22, 2014


“September is heeeere!!!” and this means summer vacation is over and it’s a new school term for all the students. Sayashi wonders if they’ve gotten used to it yet.

Song: Morning Musume – Aki Urara

Sayashi says that she recently tried to get her body into shape [1]. She tried various things, such as exercising. The one thing that she was always careful about was eating three proper meals a day. There are people who go on a diet and skip some meals, but Sayashi didn’t do that. One day, however, she thought she would try doing that. She felt like she could pull it off that day and it was just before Morning Musume went to Hawaii, so she felt even more compelled to get into shape.

So she skipped lunch. And promptly ran out of energy. When all the members and staff around her were running, she tried to catch up and couldn’t. She couldn’t run and couldn’t even tell whether she was sleepy or just hungry. She felt like her brain wasn’t working. Deli-kun is surprised that skipping just one meal made such a huge difference for her. Sayashi says that skipping lunch combined with the summer heat and being outside for most of the day drained her energy and made her dizzy.

Sayashi adds that she loves to eat and that she usually eats a lot more than others. For her, this incident really drove home the point that she has to eat properly. She knows that others may be different, but it was tough for her. She stresses the importance of not skipping meals and of finding a balance between eating and staying in shape. From now on, she’s gonna try not to stuff herself and also try to avoid cakes and other sweets.

Sayashi eating

Sayashi will try to avoid stuffing her face.

Deli-kun asks what happened to her plan to get into shape. She says she did get into shape and that the fall tour costumes will probably leave her abs exposed. Under certain lighting, she says you can see that her abs are defined.

Sayashi: I have a ripped sixpack!!!
Deli-kun: Ripped?!
Sayashi: Ripped!
Deli-kun: Everyone, go to the concerts and verify this!

Sayashi says that she does sit-ups every night before going to sleep, so she’s pretty confident, but she’s still praying that she doesn’t go back to having some flab.

Song: Morning Musume – Appare Kaiten Zushi

Shuwa Shuwa Mail Corner ’14

“Konnichimakura!” The listener writes that one of the things fans look forward to is merchandise. One historic item is Michishige Sayumi’s hug pillow. The listener asks whose hug pillow Sayashi wants and what aspect of it she’d be particular about.

Deli-kun: It’s that one, right?
Sayashi: Just from reading this, I already…
Deli-kun: That one, right?
Sayashi: I thought, “I’ve been found out…”
Deli-kun: Announce it once again. Whose hug pillow do you want?
Sayashi: …Fukumura Mizuki-chan’s.
Deli-kun: I knew it! I knew it! Everyone probably knows it already.

Now that we’ve confirmed the obvious, Sayashi talks about the details that she wants for it. First, she wants it to be life-size. Then of course, she wants the texture to be as close to Fuku-chan’s skin as possible.

Deli-kun: That’s gonna be difficult.
Sayashi: I think some research is necessary to reproduce that marshmallow skin.
Deli-kun: Yeah, it would be really difficult.
Sayashi: We’d have to make full use of various kinds of materials. As the producer, I’d like to focus on that.

And if Fuku-chan’s skin can be reproduced, Sayashi wants the form of the pillow to resemble Fuku-chan as well.

Deli-kun: …I see…So you want a human-shaped pillow, then?
Sayashi: Yup!

Sayashi thinks it would probably cost a lot to make, but if Fuku-chan’s skin can be reproduced, she’d like this idea to be realized. She’d like people to enjoy Fuku-chan’s marshmallow body to their heart’s content.

Deli-kun: You just want it for yourself, right?
Sayashi: Well…yeah.

But Sayashi adds that she sometimes says things on the show in the fans’ stead. As an example, she talks about how the fans say their favorite photo from Fuku-chan’s photobook is the one of her eating shaved ice. But Sayashi knows what they really think — that the green swimsuit photo is the best — so she said it on the show and the fans said, “Well-said, Sayashi!”

Deli-kun: But lately, you’ve also been staring at her yourself, right?
Sayashi: You mean Fuku-chan? Of course.

Deli-kun interrupts her here and says he has a letter to read. Unlike most letters that they receive, this one is addressed only to Deli-kun and not Sayashi. There’s something the listener wants to consult Deli-kun about. The listener wants to ask him about Sayashi’s character recently. She’s said before that she likes Fuku-chan’s skin, but recently, there’ve been photos in a photobook of her getting close to Fuku-chan and looking spellbound, she’s talked about her marshmallow body, and she’s even uploaded to her blog a photo of her simply gazing at Fuku-chan. The listener feels like Sayashi’s perverted behavior has increased. Even if Sayashi has no problem with it, the listener is worried and wants to know if it’s problematic for the staff. However, the listener assures them that the fans will support Sayashi no matter what.

Deli-kun says that whenever Sayashi talks about Fuku-chan, the way her speaking speeds up is unnatural. Sayashi reveals that her manager told her that in all the RIHO-DELI episodes that she’s done so far, her facial expression when she talks about Fuku-chan is pretty bad. Deli-kun says that as a staff member, he’s begun to think it’s dangerous. Sayashi continues that when she asked her manager to elaborate, her manager said, “As a staff member, I think, ‘Sayashi, you better stop there,’ but if I weren’t in that position, I’d think, ‘Sayashi, keep going!'” Sayashi adds that previously, another member of the staff was quite enthusiastic about it.

Deli-kun: There isn’t anyone to stop you anymore. This is dangerous! Seriously! Someone has to stop you.
Sayashi: No one can stop my momentum.

Deli-kun adds that even the look on her eyes when she’s talking about Fuku-chan is quite alarming. Sayashi goes into detail about the photo that the listener mentioned.

Sayashi gazing at Fuku-chan

The photo in question.

Sayashi says she uploaded it to her blog, trying to make it seem like just a cute photo of her looking at cherries, but it seems the truth has been found out — that she’s actually just gazing at Fuku-chan.

Deli-kun wants her to be careful from now on because it’s getting more dangerous and pretty soon she’ll really be unstoppable.

Sayashi: To the staff, I’ll continue doing what I want and if you think it’s not good, please stop me.
Deli-kun: Yeah, let’s do that.
Sayashi: Right now I’m doing what I want.
Deli-kun: It’s scary when the discussion turns to this.
Sayashi: Everyday, I [touch] her upper arm ten times–
Deli-kun: Oh my god you’re not stopping! Danger!

Song: Morning Musume ’14 – Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe

Sayashi says that the weather will become chilly soon, so she wants to use Fuku-chan’s hug pillow to keep warm as she sleeps.
Closing line:

Sayashi: During this year’s fall concert tour, please come look at my ripped abs.


1. For those who don’t know, Sayashi has talked about sometimes having a little flab (especially around her belly) on RIHO-DELI on several occasions. She usually uses the word “ponyo,” which is an affectionate way of saying “fat/flab.”

2. Sorry for the delay. I’ll have the rest of the recent episodes up soon.

7 thoughts on “RIHO-DELI #180 (2014.09.07)

  1. Novakayne

    Lmao, even the staff has accepted it and are encouraging her… Riho the pervert is officially endorsed by H!P, all hell is gonna break loose once the only competition, Sayu, graduates

    Her perverted mind designed probably the most expensive and life like hug pillow ever.. She basically wants a clone of Fukuhime to snuggle with every night lol… There is something wrong with her and im loving it, all hail the future Queen of Perverts Sayashi Riho

    1. kurikaesu.haru Post author

      I’m so glad that instead of stopping her, the staff members are actually enabling her lol.

  2. 中出し

    So the prophecy will come to pass. Darth Cider will kill her own master, Darth Usagi and will manipulate and USE Darth Sekushii (Mizuki) for her own (perverted) ends. The Hello Project galaxy will never be the same again.

  3. Helsic

    As a fangirl used to the fanservice, I’m not surprised at all. I’m not sure if she is faking it or she is actually having sexual attraction to Fukuchan… If she turns lesbian I’ll support her anyway LOL

    1. kurikaesu.haru Post author

      Here’s one thing to consider: According to a fan report, a fan asked her at a handshake event if she’s a pervert for real or if it’s just for business (Sayashi has a history of calling stuff out as just for “business”). Her reply: “If it weren’t real, I wouldn’t be able to turn it into a business.” lol. But regardless of how real it is, it’s very entertaining ^_^


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