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SS1422 #92 (2014.10.19)

By | October 27, 2014



Power-up Week

Radio Nippon’s October Power-up week is coming up, so Meimi asks Takechan was she would like to do for it. Before Takechan can answer, Meimi interrupts with her idea. She wants to bring someone involved in omiai brought into the studio to talk about their job and how it works and if they could put the S/mileage members into the rotation to see what people’s reactions would be. Takechan says she’ll pass. Some of you are probably familiar with the concept of omiai, but in case you aren’t, I’ll explain. Typically when someone in Japan gets married, it’s because of one of two things, renai (恋愛) or miai (見合い). If you can read those characters you might guess what the difference is, but renai is romantic love, so you meet someone and date them and eventually fall in love and get married and theoretically live happily ever after. Miai is when you’re reaching an age where you want to get married (or in many cases when your family thinks you should be getting married) but don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend and have no realistic prospects, so you meet with a miai specialist, a matchmaker, essentially, or sometimes a grandmother or other relative with connections to find you someone who you might not love romantically, but could see as a lifelong partner and parent to your children and can support your household. Once it’s established that you don’t hate each other in person, you get married. Nakazawa Yuko got married this way; it’s a fairly common practice still, there’s your Japanese culture lesson for the day. Anyway, what Meimi was asking for, then, was to be put into the pile of ladies for men to choose from and for the matchmaker to gauge how good of a candidate she’d be. Takechan is understandably weirded out.

Takechan’s idea is instead to go out somewhere and record the show. They’ve been talking a lot about going to an amusement park for their 100th show so they can’t go there, but she thinks it would be fun to go to a school or pre-school and talk to the students there for the radio show. However, Meimi questions the practicality of going out in public and talking to people, not because of technical difficulties but because none of the members would really feel comfortable just running up to people and asking them questions in the street. Meimi says she’d be fine doing it, but Takechan agrees that she would most likely be the only one. Meimi says, “I can just host that week by myself, it’s okay.” Meimi has no time for shyness.

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SS1422 #91 (2014.10.12) (with guest Fukumura Mizuki)

By | October 22, 2014


 More 100th show plans

Continuing the topic brought up last week, Takechan asks Meimi if she wants to do anything special for the 100th show. Meimi, being the thespian that she is, wants to ask some actors onto the show or broadcast from a theater. She is very adamant about it; anybody is okay, even understudies. If she could ask someone in particular, she’d ask her favorite actors and actresses from Gekidanshiki (Japan’s version of Broadway) to come on. Even some fans wrote in to say they’d want them on the show. Takechan takes the opportunity to remind her that this is the 100th show for everyone, not just Meimi.

Meimi: But that’s okay, everyone can just invite whoever they want!
Takechan: They won’t fit in here!

Meimi asks Takechan who she would invite. “I won’t say,” she says, “because I want to go to a theme park.” She wants to do the show while riding on roller coasters, but she admits that even though she likes roller coasters, she’s never actually been on one that goes very high off the ground so she doesn’t know how she’d react on radio if she had to ride one. Still, she and Meimi both agree that they should go to FujiQ and have all four of them go into a haunted house and do a report from inside. It’s settled, it’s happening. If they can go at all, that is.

Third Generation Members

After Takechan finishes doing a promo for the play, during which Meimi is yelling “yay~” the whole time in the background, they talk about the 3rd generation members, Murota Mizuki, Sasaki Rikako, and Aikawa Maho. Meimi is really excited for Murotan joining because she remembers her from the 2nd gen auditions and how strange it must be for her to go through everything and still end up in the same group she originally auditioned for. They’re also very happy about AiAi saying she wanted to join S/mileage. They recognize that girls these days have a lot of idol groups to choose from, and they want to thank them for flying with us today voicing their love of S/mileage over groups like Morning Musume. Takechan mentions how strange it is for there to be so few people left in KSS from when she was in the program. For Meimi, it’s weird that those few people are technically more senior than she is by tenure, yet she calls Taguchi Tagucchi and Taguchi calls her Tamura-san. Takechan says she’s perfectly able to turn it around and call her Taguchi-san if she wants, but Meimi seems less than enthusiastic about it.

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SS1422 #88 (2014.09.21)

By | September 27, 2014


Summer Weather

Takechan introduces the show by asking Meimi about her summer, since the fall equinox is right upon them and the official end of summer and the heat is here. Meimi says she doesn’t think that this summer was that hot, which shocks Takechan. Meimi explains that in Gunma, her home prefecture, it’s exceptionally hot, so for her to say that she didn’t feel as hot this summer means that she didn’t really go back to Gunma that often and spent most of her time in other places. Takechan says that she felt the heat most when she was in Hokkaido because the weather changes are insane there. They’d go one day and it would be nice and cool and then the next it would be insanely hot. Meimi chimes in to say that she noticed people in Hokkaido mentioned the weather a lot more and probably spent more time watching weather forecasts as a result. Takechan had no idea, but she does think that this summer was particularly hot in Kantou. Meimi argues and says that they didn’t say anything about major heat waves on the news or anything so it was probably just because they were doing lots of events and things. Takechan says she doesn’t watch the news unless she has nothing else to watch so she doesn’t know anything about it. So let’s start the rest of the show!


Summer Activities

Since it is the end of summer, they bring up all the things they haven’t gotten to do. Most of Meimi’s missed experiences involve water: she hasn’t gone to the beach or to the aquarium or to the pool. Takechan interrupts to say that they did go to the beach (which is true, they did stop by for all of maybe 15 minutes in Wakayama over the tour) but Meimi says that it doesn’t count, they only got to put their feet in the water and didn’t swim. Takechan says that’s enough, Meimi vehemently disagrees. She goes back to the aquarium issue, because she adores fur seals. She says that the staff even brought her a script for Tamura Gekidan involving a fur seal and it made her sad. She wants to see one really bad.

Meimi: Oorf! Oorf! Oorf! How do you do a fur seal noise?
Takechan: I have no idea, I’ve never heard one before.
Meimi: Oorf! Oorf!

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SS1422 #87 (2014.09.14)

By | September 18, 2014



Respect for the Aged Day

The third Monday in September every year is Respect for the Aged Day in Japan. Meimi immediately wants to know if Takechan has any plans to pay respect her elders. Takechan says sure, but she then complains that there are an awful lot of holidays in Japan for old people. She asks if they didn’t just have a Respect for the Aged Day at the beginning of the month, and Meimi says no, that was Labor Day to pay respects to laborers. Takechan is confused. It turns out that Takechan is confusing the root for ‘rou’ in ‘kinrou,’ or ‘labor’ for the ‘rou’ in ‘roujin,’ or ‘elderly person,’ so she thought that there were two Respect for the Aged Days. Takechan also announces that she has something of a grudge against the holiday because she always noticed that everyone was nicer to her grandparents on Aged Day than they were to her on her birthday and she wants to know why, even for just one day, weren’t they nicer to her. Meimi says that she always gives presents to her grandparents on this day; Takechan applauds her. Takechan then asks which day was more recent, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Once Meimi enlightens her, Takechan says that last Mother’s Day her family all did karaoke at home and had melon and that was it. Takechan does not have a good understanding of the calendar year and national holidays.

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Reflecting on Marotesque Station

Last week S/mileage Station was transformed into Marotesque Station by Kanyon, and Meimi says that it was a very long recording for her. As you might have guessed by Meimi’s lack of judgment on Takechan for not celebrating any major national holidays, she tries very hard to be pleasant and go along with things on the radio, but it was very difficult the last time. Kanyon wanted to talk for the majority of the show about Berryz Koubou and their impending hiatus and she would often look at Meimi and say, “You know?” or “You remember, right?” when Meimi actually had no idea at all. She tenuously agreed to everything she said to make the show flow better and not make Nyon angry, but she was having a lot of trouble pretending like she knew what was happening.

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SS1422 #84 (2014.08.24)

By | August 31, 2014



Summer activities left undone

Today’s radio show begins with a discussion with Oden-kun (Takechan’s alternate nickname, based on her resemblance to the cartoon character). Kananan asks Oden-kun if she still has anything left she wants to do before summer is over, and she mentions the famous Oden Village Race, in which all of the members of the Oden Village gather together and do sports. Summer is especially hot in Oden Village because it’s oden but they might not have enough people in winter to do a race so it has to be in summer.



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SS1422 #83 (2014.08.17)

By | August 31, 2014


Summer is almost over, so Takechan and Kananan reflect on their summertime memories.  Kananan says that going to Odaiba with Takechan is a particularly summer-y memory for her, since they usually go every year. Takechan says she wants to keep going together even when they’re old because it’s so much fun, while Kananan mentions that they were even talking about going together earlier that day before recording, although they haven’t been able to go yet this year. Too many concerts, not enough free time in between. Takechan says they have until the 31st of August so they’ll try to go before then to keep up their summer tradition.

Takechan brings up the announcement Berryz Koubou made at the Hello!Pro Concert at Nakano Sun Plaza on August 2 regarding their indefinite hiatus beginning next spring. Kananan says that she first heard about it from the staff members and had no idea what that meant at first, but then when they went to rehearsals for the concert afterwards, she saw the faces of the Berryz members and was able to understand the situation better. Kananan recalls the stage play Warera Jeanne ~Shoujo Seisen Kageki~ that S/mileage and Berryz did together in which she and Sudou Maasa were cast in the same two roles. She and Maasa spent a lot of time together so it makes her feel sad to think that she won’t be able to speak to her much anymore after spring. Takechan remembers that she sang Fighting Pose wa Date ja nai! for the first round of judging when she first auditioned for H!P Egg (even though she failed that time as a first-grader) and Berryz have always looked great performing that song. The S/mileage 2nd gen members were all scared of Berryz at first, but since they performed Warera Jeanne together they’ve gotten along very well. Takechan hopes that they all lead very fulfilling lives after this.

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LoVendoЯ no Love-On! #59 (2014.08.16) (guests: Nakanishi Kana & Takeuchi Akari)

By | August 30, 2014

Henkka: This summary was contributed by Krv who may or may not also do episode #60 — do leave a comment to pressure and shame this good man into translating more of this show for us.


It’s Damn Hot!

Reina asks the others what they do to stop themselves from feeling the heat. Yuki says that she just eats ice cream or stands by the cooler, whereas Marina goes outside simply because it is hot. She goes fishing, watching baseball, and racks up a pretty impressive tan. Yuki points out that if Marina and Reina stood next to each other they’d provide a nice contrast.

Marina wonders how evenly spread her tan should be, because her legs and face aren’t tanned at all. She asks Reina if she has any advice. She doesn’t.

S/mileage Members Introductions

Takeuchi Akari and Nakanishi Kana are guests on the show. It’s the first time Marina has met Kana. She already calls Akari Takechan, but wants to know what she should call Kana. Kana tells her to call her Kananan.

S/mileage promote their new single

Kana: Susukino is about a town in Hokkaido. It’s called Susukino. It’s really sad. Lyrically it’s a new kind of song for S/mileage.
Reina: The lyrics are sad too?
Takechan: Indeed, there’s a fight between lovers and the girlfriend jumps off to Susukino kind of thing.
Everyone: Eh? Jumps off?
Kana: They were supposed to go together…
Reina: Jumping off? Like diving?
Marina: What kind of situation is that?
Reina: I’m gonna jump! BAM!

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