RIHO-DELI #176 (2014.08.10)

By | September 3, 2014


“It’s hot!” Sayashi reminds everyone to take care of themselves in this heat.

Song: °C-ute “Kanashiki Heaven” (Single Version)

Continuing her talk about Michishige-san last week, Sayashi says that she gets nervous when talking to her. She says the other members get nervous as well. On the other hand, there’s Katsuta Rina, aka Rinapu, who gets along really well with Michishige-san. Sayashi thinks that Rinapu is the kind of person who can get along well with anyone. Sayashi herself doesn’t often initiate conversations with members of the other HP groups, but Rinapu comes and talks to her. She says they’re close and that they often talk to each other.

What amazes Sayashi is that Rinapu is able to interact with Michishige-san in the same way that she does with Sayashi and the other juniors. What’s more, at a recent HP concert, when Morning Musume ’14 and Smileage were in the same dressing room, Rinapu came up behind Michishige-san, who was doing her makeup at the time, covered her eyes, and said, “Guess who~!” Sayashi couldn’t believe what she had just seen. To Sayashi, that is something that she could never ever do in her life. And yet Rinapu just went and did it. Sayashi says she was both surprised and very envious that Rinapu can act so casually with Michishige-san despite not being in the same group.

Deli-kun: How did Michishige-san react?
Sayashi: She was like, “Rinapu~! Stop it~!” They looked like they were having so much fun. I couldn’t help but be envious.

Sayashi says she also gets envious whenever she sees other MM members having fun talking to Michishige-san and that Michishige-san probably thinks they’re cute. However, Sayashi finds it hard to be forthcoming and initiate conversations with her. Deli-kun points out that Michishige-san will probably be happy if she does it, just like how Sayashi is happy when Rinapu comes up to talk to her.

Deli-kun: Do it! This is a mission to play “Guess who” with Michishige-san.
Sayashi: “Guess who”…That…I won’t do yet.
Deli-kun: You won’t?
Sayashi: *in a soft voice* I…I won’t.

Deli-kun suggests that playing “Guess who” would be a good way to start a conversation. Sayashi says that lately she’s been doing her best to make small talk with Michishige-san, especially about things like the food and snacks from catering. Deli-kun tells her that “Guess who” is the next logical step for her. But then Sayashi reveals that she’s not good at sensing the atmosphere, so she’s afraid that she might do the “Guess who” thing when Michishige-san happens to be in a bad mood. Deli-kun adds that doing something like that is not really in Sayashi’s character, so if she suddenly does it, Michishige-san will probably be more surprised than anything.

Sayashi: Instead of saying, “Stop it~! (^_^)” she’ll just say, “Sayashi?! What’s wrong?!”

Song: S/mileage – Chikyuu wa Kyou mo Ai wo Hagukumu


Shuwa Shuwa Mail Corner ’14

As always, Deli-kun compliments Sayashi’s title call. Sayashi says that her nasal passages have been in good condition lately.

The letter is from Fushimi Kento-san. “Rihoriho, konnichi ’14!” Since it’s summer the listener asks Sayashi to name her top 3 favorite food items from summer festival food stalls.

Sayashi starts by saying that she likes squid tentacles, as she mentioned on a previous episode. Deli-kun reminds her to give her top 3, so she puts squid tentacles at #3. At #2 is castella, a Japanese sponge cake. Finally, at #1 is candy apple. But then Sayashi adds that she doesn’t really like candy apples much. Deli-kun is confused; she’s supposed to be giving her top 3 favorites. Sayashi explains that she doesn’t love apples, but she always gets the urge to go get one. Sayashi herself doesn’t exactly know why, but she sees eating candy apples as a challenge and so she ends up buying one.

Sayashi: It’s like…”I’m gonna eat you!”
Deli-kun: You think, “I’m not gonna lose to you!”?
Sayashi: That’s right! I get an urge to have a battle with the candy apple.

Sayashi talks about how she once bought a candy apple when she was small and couldn’t finish eating it. The candy part was too hard for her to bite. She thinks this may have caused her to have this rivalry with candy apples.

Deli-kun: You sure picked an unusual rival!

Sayashi's tough rival.

Sayashi’s tough rival.

Ever since then, every time Sayashi goes to a festival, she has a battle with a candy apple. She won once, and now she’s determined to have consecutive victories.

Deli-kun: Let me ask you once again, you don’t like it, right?
Sayashi: Not at all.
Deli-kun: Then you don’t have to buy it!

But Sayashi insists on doing it for the satisfaction of winning. And of course, she never thinks it’s delicious. She does agree that she is wasting her appetite on it, but she thinks it’s worth it for that sense of accomplishment that she gets. Deli-kun thinks there’s something off about her goals in life.

Song: Morning Musume ’14 – Password is 0

Sayashi sums up by declaring her determination to go to a festival this year and win against a candy apple. If she finishes eating it, she wins. But on top of that, even if she finishes eating it, if she finds it yummy, she feels like it would still be a loss for her. She doesn’t want to feel a strong attachment to candy apples. She will finish eating one, and no, she will not enjoy it.

6 thoughts on “RIHO-DELI #176 (2014.08.10)

  1. Novakayne

    Riho is a strong willed person, even i wont attempt to battle a candy apple, its not worth all the effort… Them things are usually harder than rocks and like she says they dont even taste that good to me… I dont understand how she can be so stubborn as to eat a candy apple for the hell of it yet still be afraid to approach Sayu

  2. Anonymous

    I had a battle with a candy apple once, when I was a young child. I lost miserably.

    Although I never went for a rematch, in a way I can understand her determination. Good luck, Rihoriho!

    On the Chayu situation, I wonder if Rihoriho and Chayu ever listen to each other’s radio programs.


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