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BZS1422 #107 (2014.08.03)


Since it’s summer and all, Chii asks if Kumai-san is suffering from summer fatigue who replies that she actually slightly is. The two start talking about why everyone always gets so fatigued during the summer — everyone loses their appetite and doesn’t feel like doing anything because it’s simply too hot. Kumai-san inquires if Chii is suffering from summer fatigue herself. Chii says she isn’t and says it’s all psychological: when you think about how it’s summer and how you might start feeling fatigued, it’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy. “Sickness and health start with the mind,” as Kumai-san notes, and Chii says that’s exactly it and that 30% of all Japanese people are definitely suffering from this. Chii starts getting more and more fired up talking about this subject:

Chii: The thing about summer fatigue is… sure, you might not feel motivated to do anything. But think about it: do you feel motivated to do anything in the winter either?!
Kumai-san: (laughs)
Chii: The fact of the matter is, you’re actually unmotivated the whole year round, but since it just happens to be summer, you start blaming it on a convenient word like “summer fatigue” even though that’s not what it really is!

Kumai-san agrees that it might indeed be partly psychological. In any case, Kumai-chan suggests that eating lots and lots of ice cream is a good way of fighting off summer fatigue. Chii says she isn’t so sure if that’s really a good option for your body either, but agrees that everyone should be careful of summer fatigue. But, as she reminds us, just remember that it might be psychological — you might not really be suffering from it, even if you think you are. (Do note that I don’t think Up-Front will take any responsibility in case of possible death or injury resulting from trusting Chii’s self-diagnosing advice.)

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RIHO-DELI #175 (2014.08.03)


“August is here!”, as Sayashi quite helpfully reminds us. She asks us listeners if we’re having a good summer so far, and strongly suggests that we ought to make the best of it by going to the beach, to the mountains, to summer festivals, and more!

Song: Morning Musume ’14 – Password is 0

Speaking on the topic of midsummer and the H!P concerts that come with it, Sayashi tells a recent story of when she was staying at a hotel due to them having a concert far away from Tokyo. Usually when the group is staying in a hotel they sleep either in single or double rooms, but this time it just so happened that Sayashi was given a room with three other members: Fukumura, Ikuta and Kudo.

Sayashi says she’s often called “untidy” whereas the other three staying with her were members who are generally thought of as quite neat and cleanly. Thus, while she was looking forward to hanging out with the three of them, she was also worried she might get called out by them on her filthy messiness. But unexpectedly for Sayashi, it was actually the other three who were just kind of lazing around and leaving things messy, to the point where she even started telling them to clean up after themselves.

Sayashi was actually really happy she got to be in that role for a change, and afterwards she even boasted about it to her manager. Her manager expressed doubt, saying Sayashi’s the type of person who’ll definitely screw something up because it was an unusual situation for her, suggesting that she probably forgot something in her room or something similar. Sayashi replied she was sure she had all her stuff, but when they checked out and arrived at the concert venue, she realized she didn’t have the juice she’d bought while they were staying at the hotel — she’d forgotten it in the refrigerator.

It reaffirmed Sayashi’s previously held opinion that she will never be perfect when it comes to this kind of thing. Deli-kun (the show’s pet/co-host) says that while he wouldn’t have expected anything less from Sayashi, he still would’ve preferred the story to have a happy ending. Sayashi claims that her fans would probably be really worried if Sayashi suddenly became all neat and cleanly. Deli-kun disagrees.

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Konya mo Usachan Peace #406 (2014.08.04) (guest: Sato Masaki)


Sayu flubs her greeting to the listeners as she tries (and fails) to hold back her laughter, presumably because of something stupid her guest was doing. Sayu’s guest introduces herself as the recently-turned-15 Sato Masaki — Sayu asks her if she’s absolutely sure about that as previous to the show starting, she had replied she was actually 16 years old when prompted her age by the staff.

Sayu: So after thinking about it some more, you can now with confidence say you’re 15, right?
Maa-chan: Yes. I can now say I’m exactly 15 years old. After looking it up.
Sayu: …You looked it up?!
Maa-chan: I did! I really couldn’t remember.
Sayu: Wait, so you used the internet to look up your own age?
Maa-chan: Yes!
Sayu: You seriously forgot how long you’ve been alive?
Maa-chan: No, I didn’t.
Sayu: …You just told me you did.
Maa-chan: (laughs happily)

Sayu then blames Maa-chan for talking too much from the get-go, for talking on top of her, and for making her botch up her opening. Maa-chan responds to these accusations with laughter.

They talk about how she’s the last member from the current group to come as a guest on Sayu’s radio. Sayu says she’s really worried about tonight’s show and that she’s never had a guest on that’s made her this anxious. Maa-chan giggles and doesn’t understand why Sayu would be worried.

Sayu goes “Oh well, I’m sure it’ll be fun anyways. Let’s enjoy ourselves, yeah?!” and offers Maa-chan a high-five… which goes ignored. Sayu calls Maa-chan awful.

Sayu: Konya mo…
Sayu & Maa-chan: Usa-chan peace!

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