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FIVE STARS Niigaki Risa & Kamei Eri #55 (2010.04.19)


Fan mail #1: “Gaki-san, Kame-chan, good evening!” The first fan mail points out how fun all of the listeners’ radio names can be. Thus, he asks for the hosts to think of their own radio names.

Kame comes up with her radio name in mere seconds: “Jeoneun” (Korean for “I“). It’s a word she really likes. Some other Korean suggestions they come up with include “Naengmyeon” and “Halmeoni” (“Grandma“). Ultimately, though, Gaki-san decides on “Short Gaki” which is a nickname she came up with in Hawaii. Kame nearly chooses “Chotto Eri” (“A Little Bit Eri“) before finally settling on “Mou Eri” (“Eri Already“).

Kame: Pencil sharpeners…
Kame: …really are amazing, aren’t they?
Gaki-san: While I have no idea what Kamei-san is going on about, let us blow away the awkward atmosphere in the room with this song.

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Nakajima Saki no °C-ute na Jikan #249 (2016.10.22) (guests: Kanazawa Tomoko & Miyamoto Karin)


Message from Iikubo from preceding MoJo: ‘Nakajima-san, we’ve always been talking about going to Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, but since I went there the other day for a show, let’s think about somewhere else we can go.’

Nacky: Well, if it was for work, it can’t be helped. I wonder if she gave the otters a high five?

Their actual goal was to go to Hakkeijima Sea Paradise and give the otters a high five, so it’s still an option if Iikubo didn’t get to try that out. As for an alternative, Nacky enjoys Enoshima Aquarium, though it’s a bit out of the way.

Introductions done, Nacky introduces her guests for this week: Kanazawa Tomoko and Miyamoto Karin. Nacky chose the two of them to come on her show because of the following reason: During the summer Hello! Cons, Nacky was attempting to overcome her discomfort with kouhai by taking photos with them. KanaTomo and Karin-chan were among the members she didn’t manage to take photos with. Morning Musume。´16’s Ikuta Erina was another kouhai she missed taking a photo with as well.

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