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Itsudemo! Kannon Smile #38 ( (guest: Makino Maria)


Maria is back for this show and Kanon starts two off with a discussion on their latest single. Starting with Sukatto My Heart, Kanon mentions that at the beginning of the dance, Maria is part of the small feature dance at the beginning of the song. When Maria found out she was chosen for that part with the four other members who were part of the dance team in Oh My Wish, she was super surprised and felt that she had to do her best no matter what. Moving on to Ima Sugu Tobikomu Yuuki, Maria-chan also has a solo part in this song. Initially, Maria thought for sure it would be a while before she received her own solo line because she isn’t very good at being precise with rhythms. But, she paired up with Riho to work on things she felt she was bad at. During their concerts, when Kanon saw Maria was improving with practice, Kanon thought “Wow, she’s working so hard!”, since, she felt that Maria seemed like the type to not truly listen but actually is always listening closely to advice. For Kanon, she received a main vocal part on Oh My Wish! for which she is very thankful to receive. Lastly, they both recommend everyone checking these songs out.

Song: Morning Musume ‘15 – Sukatto My Heart

img20150820171420013The two that hail from Aichi are back!

I, Suzuki Kanon Will Open Up To My True Feelings Message Corner!

Message 1: “Maria, please tell us your name origin.”

As far as name origin goes, originally Maria was going to be named Rikako but, because of some sort of circumstance she doesn’t really know about, her mother changed her mind. She named her Maria as it has a sense of “being loved by the world” and the last kanji in her given name is the kanji for love, which represents the “being loved” part. Kanon thinks that’s a pretty great origin story. She asks if Maria has had any stories to tell regarding her name. She’s a bit confused at first, but Kanon gives an example: when they were represented on a tv programs web page, she saw people seeing her name and commenting that the name had a wonderful feeling, ‘like that girl must be really loved’. Understanding, Maria expands on her parents thought process, revealing her parents thought about just representing her name in katakana or hiragana, but then picked kanji for the name instead. Also, the name also holds meaning in English, which was also a nice factor.

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FIVE STARS Niigaki Risa & Kamei Eri #50 (2010.03.15)


Gaki-san starts the 50th episode of the show by reading a fan letter. The fan has heard that Kame’s cheesecakes are famously well-liked by members of Morning Musume, and so they wish to know if the two hosts often get to do much cooking.

Gaki-san makes it clear: Kame’s cheesecakes really are delicious. The two were actually just talking about this the day before, about how it’s really no good if a girl can’t cook properly. Kame, however, immediately says that she no longer cooks. Still, she thinks she might get back into it around Valentine’s Day next year — like they discussed earlier, being good at cooking immediately boosts your womanliness. Gaki-san agrees, and wants to one day be able to cook foods that are easy and fast, and yet, delicious. That’s the type of woman the hosts both agree to aim for.

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Itsudemo! Kannon Smile #37 (2015.08.11) (guest: Makino Maria)


Kanon has a special, super cute guest with her today: Makino Maria! Maria is very happy to be on the show today. To start, Kanon thinks they’ll be able to talk easily since they’re both from Aichi, so she asks Maria what her favorite area of Aichi is. Since she went to there a lot as a child and used to be a fan of the Chunichi Dragons , she picks the Nagoya Dome . Although, now she is a fan of the Nippon Ham Fighters (located in Sapporo). Seeing Maria talk about baseball, Kanon can tell she’s really into it. Changing the topic slightly, Kanon wonders how Maria’s first summer break while being a part of Morning Musume has been. Overall, she’s been busy so Maria hasn’t done any of her homework yet, despite telling herself to do it. Instead, in her free time she’ll play games or goof off. Kanon scolds her for not doing her homework then tells her to do her best to make time for it despite being busy in Morning Musume.

Song: Morning Musume ‘15 – Seishun Kozo ga Naiteiru

Birthday Surprise!

Suddenly, happy birthday starts playing, much to Kanon’s confusion. Maria manages a “congratulations” while Kanon continues exclaiming in surprise as the staff bring presents into the room. She thanks the staff, then Maria announces that she also brought something for Kanon. She is thanked profusely while Maria expands that her sister’s birthday was recently as well, so she purchased the presents at the same time. Finally, Kanon calms down, thanking everyone again, then starts to open the presents. From Maria, she receives a tissue pouch, handkerchief, and soap. Also, a pretty long letter, but she says she’ll read it carefully later.

Moving on to the present from the staff, Kanon received a shaved ice machine and a fruit tart. She is pretty excited about it to the extent that Maria ends up starting the letter segment like they were orginally supposed to.

Message: “Congratulations on turning 17! Please have a great year. Please say something towards becoming 17!”

After a moment, Kanon starts her statement with the thought that year 16th year was full of changes, and hopes for her 17th to be more stable, and hopes her fans will enjoy watching her growing into a more stable person.

Immediately after she continues to thank Maria, saying she was really surprised. They then move into the real letters corner.

08132015Happy Birthday, Kanon!

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Country Girls no Tadaima Radio Housouchuu!! #42 (2016.01.17) (guests: Yanagawa Nanami & Funaki Musubu)



Yamaki thanks Nakanishi-san, Takeuchi-san, and Kamikokuryo-chan for passing on the baton from the AS1422 episode that aired before this show. Talking about Kamiko-chan, the new member with the complicated surname, despite having joined H!P before her, Ozeki thinks of her as being from the same generation as herself, as Kamiko-chan was together with her at the Morning Musume。´14 12ki auditions. Mai was happy to see Kamiko-chan get into ANGERME, and with the Hello! Con rehearsals, has also had opportunities to chat with her backstage: ‘It’s been a while~’ ‘You’ve gotten taller, haven’t you?

At the training camp period during the auditions, Yamaki had many opportunities to interact with Kamiko-chan as well. So even though she’s just joined, Yamaki feels that she’s quickly gotten used to her.

The two girls agree that Kamiko-chan’s really tiny and adorable, yet she has this calm atmosphere to her. Looks like another lovely member has joined Hello! Project.

And speaking about new members, the girls introduce their guests for this week: continuing on from last week, they welcome Country Girls’ new members Yanagawa Nanami and Funaki Musubu!


We start with an introduction from Yanamin. She feels like she’s gotten a bit more used to being on radio after her appearance last week, so she’d like to do her best to be more proactive with talking.

Next is Funakki. She had also been on the show last week, and hopes that she’ll be able to engender a good mood as a member of Country Girls.

Now that the two new girls have gone through the New Year Hello! Con rehearsals with the rest, Yamaki asks if they’ve gotten used to being in Country Girls.

Funakki feels like she’s talking more with the others when they’re in their dressing room. In the past, she’d only give curt greetings such as ‘Good morning’ or ‘Right’, but now she feels that she’s gotten more used to the situation.

At first, Yanamin thought that Country Girls were quiet and peaceful. Yet now, she thinks that they’re a lively bunch, in the best sense of the word. While she was nervous about breaking the atmosphere, they’ve had more opportunities to work together recently through activities like this radio show, so she feels like she’s gotten used to chatting with the Country Girls senpai.


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