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FIVE STARS Niigaki Risa & Kamei Eri #44 (2010.02.01)


Gaki-san: FIVE STARS Monday has begun! We are Morning Musume’s Niigaki Risa and…
Kame: Kamei Eri. A, a, a…
Gaki-san: Don’t do a mic check after we’ve already started!

Fan mail #1: The listener has something he “absolutely must” ask the two hosts: do they like to put mustard in their natto, and do they want to have wasabi with their sushi?

Gaki-san pleads with Kame for her to pull herself together and host the show more properly: she’s apparently awful today. That aside, Gaki-san wants wasabi with her sushi but has no need for mustard in her natto — she just doesn’t like the taste. Kame doesn’t like mustard in natto either, preferring to have it with something like eggs. While she doesn’t usually have wasabi with her sushi either, she says she does get people who like it. The hosts wish that their answers have quenched the listener’s curiosity.

Kame: Toose!
Kame: Toose!
Gaki-san: Don’t steal people’s jokes!

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FIVE STARS Niigaki Risa & Kamei Eri #43 (2010.01.25)


Henkka: I’m sure some of you are wondering: “Henkka, why in the hell are you translating a show from over five years ago that features long graduated members?

Well, I have but two simple reasons: the Gaki-Kame hosted FIVE STARS is pretty much my favorite H!P radio show of all time, and secondly, to my knowledge some episodes of this show have remained untranslated for all this time. And by “some,” I actually mean “half.”

OnDiet translated the first 42 episodes of the show on her blog which you can find here. She also translated the last two episodes which I’ll link to when we get there. By my count, with the show ending at episode #89, that still leaves us with 45 untranslated episodes which I am going to do.

If you’re a newer fan of H!P and you’re wondering “why should I care about these two ex-idols in the first place?“… Well, that’s something you should research on your own. But I can get you started with a video that to me embodies the Gaki/Kame dynamic quite perfectly. This is, to me, what these two women were about — the idol world’s most lovable boke/tsukkomi team.

Without further ado… let’s get started.

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Itsudemo! Kannon Smile #23 (2015.05.05) (guest: Oda Sakura)


Sakura is back! For the intro, the two discuss Children’s Day, which happened to be the day this show aired. Kanon asks if Sakura has any particular memories attached to the day. Sakura recalls the helmet her family would bring out, which was something Kanon’s brother brought out too. While its simply called Children’s Day now, it used to be called Boy’s Day and the two associate most girl related celebrations with Hinamatsuri. They both reminisce about what they ate for the holidays, such as small cakes, mochi and a fancy lunch sets. Going back to Children’s Day, it falls during Golden Week, meaning Morning Musume will be pretty busy during that time. This year, they’ll be holding a concert at Nakano Sun Plaza, and the girls invite everyone to come. To finish their opening talk Kanon reminds everyone that Sakura is the first guest on her radio show so its going to be a pretty special show today.

Song: Morning Musume ‘15 – Yuugure wa Ameagari

I, Suzuki Kanon Will Open Up To My True Feelings Message Corner! (with Sakura)

Message 1: The writer thinks that Morning Musume’s latest song “Yuugure wa Ameagari” seems like its a message for Sayumi and wonders what Kanon and Sakura think of that.

The two agree that recently they’ve been reigning in their Sayumi feelings. Sakura states that most of the DVD magazines and the past Spring Tour DVD have been released, and that means Morning Musume releases involving Sayumi will soon end.. Going back to the song, the two bring up the lyric “I’m reminded of the fun nostalgic days, but they won’t come back”. They delve into the lyrical meaning of not being able to go back; to Sakura, its more like “I can’t return to the finale,”. Kanon brings up Tsunku’s Liner Notes, that explained “Its a sad song, but it’s also a forward-looking song,” also “Its sad that Sayumi left, but please leave the future to us,”, which she thought was quite moving, but still reminds her of her time with Sayumi.

Ah, the memories…

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LoVendoЯ no LV-Я #71–#74 (2015.02)

LoVendoЯ no LV-Я #71 (2015.02.03)


Some time ago, Reina noticed that she’d been cheated out of some money. She’d been given a 100 yen coin in change at some store she’d been to, only to later realize that the coin looked and felt like something entirely different from the usual 100 yen coin — it turned out to be a Korean won. She told her mom and her little brother about this unfortunate incident and left the coin on a table at their house for them to marvel at.

Now, several days after the fact, the coin apparently remains in place on the table exactly where she left it — no one cares.

Situation Music
Theme of the week: “songs for students preparing for their entrance exams
Nee-san & Marin introduce songs that fit the theme

Nee-san’s pick: GLAY – Hashire! Mirai

Speaking of her own experiences regarding studies, Nee-san reveals that she hated it so much, she developed atopic skin because of it: when she tried to study, her body just got unreasonably itchy. When she stopped studying, however, her skin healed immediately. She wishes students struggling with their exams all the best.

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