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Konya mo Usachan Peace #411 (2014.09.08)


Sayu talks about their recent Hawaii fan club tour (she just got back home two or three days before the recording of this show). She begins by saying that she had a lot of fun doing all sorts of things, and lists the many activities they did there. She was especially happy seeing so many pink T-shirts there even though it wasn’t even her solo event or that sort of thing. Sayu says she doesn’t usually see such a large number of fans wearing pink T-shirts aside from concerts held in her hometown, or her own birthday events. It really moved her.

In the early days when they’d go to Hawaii, Sayu remembers thinking to herself how she had almost no fans at all and trying to figure out how she could make herself more appealing and attract more fans.

Thinking back to how it was ten years ago made her feel all the more happier seeing how she now has so many people who support her and the current 10-member lineup, especially as this was Sayu’s last Hawaii visit as a member of Morning Musume.

Song: Morning Musume – Mikan

Sayu no Kobeya
Letters from listeners

Fan mail #1: The listener assumes that Sayu didn’t have the chance to eat any Japanese food while in Hawaii, so he asks what the first thing Sayu ate when she got back to Japan was, as well as what the most memorable meal she had in Hawaii was.

Since the members knew they’d feel like eating a lot in Hawaii, they tried to hold back from eating too much in Japan in the days leading up to the trip. And sure enough, the members were all eating so much at every dinner, they even became worried about having to wear their swimsuits later — although that still didn’t stop them from eating more.

Sayu reports eating all kinds of things in their time there, including Chinese food at a restaurant the group always visits when they’re in Hawaii. But the number one most memorable, delicious meal for her was the meat — “meat is the best!“, she exclaims. In Japan, Sayu likes to add lots of wasabi on her steak, and lots of tare sauce on her yakiniku, etc, but the meat she had in Hawaii was just so good and juicy, she thought adding anything on it would only disturb its natural, delicious flavors.

Sayu talks about how the portions in Hawaii are so big, she was full after just three slices of meat. Meanwhile, Oda, sitting next to her, just kept on eating and eating until she finally said she was full after eating over twice as much as Sayu. That apparently still wasn’t enough in Oda’s mind, though, and she was disappointed she couldn’t eat more.

The first thing Sayu ate after coming back to Japan was natto which she wanted to have immediately after getting back home.

Listener requested pose: "12期メンバーが自分より可愛かった時"

Listener requested pose: “Sayu when she finds the new 12th gen members cuter than her”

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We are Juice=Juice #51 (2014.09.23)



“I want to be able to cook!”

Uemu opens the show with this line because she thinks it would feel nice to make things for other people and have them think it’s delicious. Karin asks her if there are any recipes she’d like to try making, and Uemu says that she would like to try making chocolate cake.

Karin changes the subject to the advent of fall and asks if Uemu has any clothing item that she pays particular attention to around this time of year when it starts getting colder. Uemu focuses on shoes because any outfit can become more fashionable with the right shoes. Karin says she has recently bought some fall clothing, but she thinks it’s really difficult to find things that match with red checked shirts or stripes these days but she’s going to try wearing them this fall for everyone. Uemu thinks that the clothes sound cute and really wants to see Karin in them.

Fan Letters

The first letter is from Meichan. She writes to say that she loves Date ja nai yo, uchi no jinsei wa, because there are some lyrics that say, “Don’t look so sad,” and when she had to go to the hospital recently, she heard the song and it put her in a better mood. She thinks that Juice=Juice have power in their music and thanks them for making it. She hopes to go to an event soon in the future when she’s feeling better. Uemu and Karin hope that she gets better soon so that they can see her in person and sing the song for her, but for now they’ll play the song on the radio.

Song: Juice=Juice – Date ja nai yo, uchi no jinsei wa

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SS1422 #88 (2014.09.21)


Summer Weather

Takechan introduces the show by asking Meimi about her summer, since the fall equinox is right upon them and the official end of summer and the heat is here. Meimi says she doesn’t think that this summer was that hot, which shocks Takechan. Meimi explains that in Gunma, her home prefecture, it’s exceptionally hot, so for her to say that she didn’t feel as hot this summer means that she didn’t really go back to Gunma that often and spent most of her time in other places. Takechan says that she felt the heat most when she was in Hokkaido because the weather changes are insane there. They’d go one day and it would be nice and cool and then the next it would be insanely hot. Meimi chimes in to say that she noticed people in Hokkaido mentioned the weather a lot more and probably spent more time watching weather forecasts as a result. Takechan had no idea, but she does think that this summer was particularly hot in Kantou. Meimi argues and says that they didn’t say anything about major heat waves on the news or anything so it was probably just because they were doing lots of events and things. Takechan says she doesn’t watch the news unless she has nothing else to watch so she doesn’t know anything about it. So let’s start the rest of the show!


Summer Activities

Since it is the end of summer, they bring up all the things they haven’t gotten to do. Most of Meimi’s missed experiences involve water: she hasn’t gone to the beach or to the aquarium or to the pool. Takechan interrupts to say that they did go to the beach (which is true, they did stop by for all of maybe 15 minutes in Wakayama over the tour) but Meimi says that it doesn’t count, they only got to put their feet in the water and didn’t swim. Takechan says that’s enough, Meimi vehemently disagrees. She goes back to the aquarium issue, because she adores fur seals. She says that the staff even brought her a script for Tamura Gekidan involving a fur seal and it made her sad. She wants to see one really bad.

Meimi: Oorf! Oorf! Oorf! How do you do a fur seal noise?
Takechan: I have no idea, I’ve never heard one before.
Meimi: Oorf! Oorf!

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Konya mo Usachan Peace #410 (2014.09.01)


One of the things Sayu says she found really remarkable about the summer Hello!Con was the growth of the Kenshuusei. She loves seeing how they’ve all gotten taller and how their faces have become more adult-like in the six months or so since she last saw them.

Sayu names Kenshuusei Makino Maria as an example. She says Maria-chan has grown really tall and cute, and that she’s always dancing intensely while keeping a huge smile on her face. She’s really friendly with people and says she likes Sayu, so one time she even asked if it was okay to hug her. Sayu being Sayu, she naturally didn’t object to physical contact with a girl in her low teens.

Maria-chan is from Aichi prefecture, so when they had a Hello!Con there, Maria-chan brought everyone some manjuu buns from her hometown. Sayu set one aside for herself to eat later and went to thank Maria-chan for the gift. Maria-chan said it was no problem and asked her if she’d had some yet. When Sayu said she hadn’t but that she’d try some later, Maria-chan said something that would change Sayu’s life for several days to come: “it keeps for a long time, so please enjoy it whenever you would like.

Sayu says she was so moved hearing her say this, thinking she was such a good girl. Suddenly receiving such a grown-up statement from such a cute, child-like girl really got to her. She can’t even quite explain why this is; saying something will keep for a long time is obviously a normal thing to say among adults, but hearing it coming from Maria-chan just left a huge impression on her.

There was no time to share this story with anyone right away since it happened right before the concert, so Sayu didn’t know what to do with herself while she was still trying to process this explosion of cuteness. Some days later she finally got to relay the episode to Oda-chan, and Sayu says it felt really good to get it off her chest at last. Oda-chan, too, was touched by how cute Maria-chan is, and she revelead that Maria-chan often talks about how she likes Sayu even when she isn’t present. Hearing this obviously made Sayu even happier.

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Trattoria Buono! #77 (2014.09.20)


♪ Buono! – Mirai Drive ♪

Momoko announces that September 20th is ‘Sora no Hi’, literally ‘Sky Day’, or alternatively, ‘Aviation Day’. It’s in commemoration of the first flight over the skies of Tokyo, made in a blimp developed by Yamada Isaburo.

Momoko starts putting on airs, going ‘Ah, that Yamada-san’, acting like she’s familiar with the name. The other two join her in hamming it up, praising this Yamada-san, though it’s not that showy Yamada. Airi then slips up while trying to make a My Neighbours the Yamadas reference.

Momoko (teasingly): Thank you very much for that one slip-up today.

The discussion starts with Momoko pointing out that they often ride aeroplanes due to their line of work, so she’d like to know if the others are good or bad with flights.

Momoko: I’m bad with them.

Miyabi: I’m bad with them too.

Airi: I’m okay.

Airi asks Momoko to explain what she means by being ‘good with flights’. Momoko asks Airi if she finds the rumbling of the plane scary, but Airi finds it enjoyable. Airi shares a story of her sitting in the seat closest to the emergency exit, with the seat for cabin attendants right in front of her.  While she was sitting there, she was handed a piece of paper informing her that in case of an emergency, she should assist others in leaving the plane, and that she would be last person to leave the plane.

Airi: I thought I would die.

Being in that situation, she paid a lot more attention to the flight safety explanation, double checking everything and seriously reading the safety pamphlet. Momoko suggests that people who sit in those seats must feel a great sense of responsibility.

Momoko finds that she can’t handle it when the pressure drops, finding it painful.

Momoko: It hurts – but you know, then I think about wanting to meet the fans as soon as possible.

Airi: Hmmmnnnhhh~

Momoko: …

Miyabi: *muffled giggling*

Momoko: Thank you very much for the second slip-up.

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BZS1422 #111 (2014.08.31) (guest: Sudo Maasa)


As it is Power-Up Week on the station right now, special caster Sudo Maasa and regular commentator Kumai Yurina begin the show by introducing their super-duper special guest fitting for such a special event: Berryz’ self-confessed “super special 22-year-old bundle of energy,” Tokunaga Chinami!

That out of the way, Chii immediately starts complaining that Maasa was way too into that opening joke and that she should already be content doing her SATOYAMA radio show, but Maasa announces her desire to snatch this show from Chii, too. Chii isn’t very excited about the idea, but Maasa says she isn’t going to hesitate taking over on the show for her the next time Chii goes to Thailand or something.

Meanwhile, DJ Yurina gets everyone excited for this week’s opening number.

Song: Berryz Koubou – Be Genki <Naseba Naru!>

Random-Draw Discussion
The hosts talk about random members of Hello! Project

H!P member #1: Kumai-san draws a clear-file featuring Juice=Juice’s Miyazaki Yuka. Maasa wonders if these sort of clear-files with H!P members aren’t embarrassing to bring over to school or work, but Chii explains that they aren’t meant to be actually used: you’re just supposed to collect them.

Maasa says Yuka-chan has changed since the times she appeared with her on SATOYAMA in that she’s gotten much more reliable as Juice=Juice’s leader. Chii and Maasa are shocked when Kumai-san points out that Yuka-chan is actually the same age as Risako. While they agree that Yuka-chan, too, has gotten a lot more adult-like as of late, Risako is just too far gone for it to be a fair comparison.

Chii thinks Yuka-chan has gotten cuter lately, and Maasa says Yuka-chan has told her she feels more stylish now after coming to Tokyo from the countryside of her hometown. Kumai-san thinks she kind of has a constant troubled expression on her face, but Chii suggests that it might not be just a facial expression: she really might be troubled. In any case, Kumai-san says that expression of hers makes her want to help her out somehow. Maasa asks if Kumai-san actually has helped her in some way then, but Kumai-san admits she hasn’t.

Chii thinks Yuka-chan is really fashionable: her style is simple, but it really fits her age. Maasa agrees and says Yuka-chan isn’t a princess, but more like a neat and clean lady. Chii corrects Maasa and says she might be a princess for all they know. They conclude by agreeing that Yuka-chan is really girly anyhow.

blog, Kumai Yurina, Sudou Maasa, Tokunaga Chinami-483987

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RIHO-DELI #180 (2014.09.07)


“September is heeeere!!!” and this means summer vacation is over and it’s a new school term for all the students. Sayashi wonders if they’ve gotten used to it yet.

Song: Morning Musume – Aki Urara

Sayashi says that she recently tried to get her body into shape [1]. She tried various things, such as exercising. The one thing that she was always careful about was eating three proper meals a day. There are people who go on a diet and skip some meals, but Sayashi didn’t do that. One day, however, she thought she would try doing that. She felt like she could pull it off that day and it was just before Morning Musume went to Hawaii, so she felt even more compelled to get into shape.

So she skipped lunch. And promptly ran out of energy. When all the members and staff around her were running, she tried to catch up and couldn’t. She couldn’t run and couldn’t even tell whether she was sleepy or just hungry. She felt like her brain wasn’t working. Deli-kun is surprised that skipping just one meal made such a huge difference for her. Sayashi says that skipping lunch combined with the summer heat and being outside for most of the day drained her energy and made her dizzy.

Sayashi adds that she loves to eat and that she usually eats a lot more than others. For her, this incident really drove home the point that she has to eat properly. She knows that others may be different, but it was tough for her. She stresses the importance of not skipping meals and of finding a balance between eating and staying in shape. From now on, she’s gonna try not to stuff herself and also try to avoid cakes and other sweets.

Sayashi eating

Sayashi will try to avoid stuffing her face.

Deli-kun asks what happened to her plan to get into shape. She says she did get into shape and that the fall tour costumes will probably leave her abs exposed. Under certain lighting, she says you can see that her abs are defined.

Sayashi: I have a ripped sixpack!!!
Deli-kun: Ripped?!
Sayashi: Ripped!
Deli-kun: Everyone, go to the concerts and verify this!

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RIHO-DELI # 178 (2014.08.24)


“It’s the second half of summer!” Sayashi encourages everyone to enjoy summer fully until the very end.

Song: Juice=Juice – Kaze ni Fukarete

Sayashi talks about going back to Hiroshima the week before. On the flight back, coffee was being served. Normally, Sayashi doesn’t drink coffee, and even when she goes to a coffee shop, she usually orders a sweet drink. But Sayashi is 16 years old now, so she thought she’d try it. And when she did, she thought it tasted really good. She felt like she had turned into an adult. She’s had coffee with milk and sugar before, but this time, she drank it black.

She was so happy about being able to drink coffee that she ordered a second cup and somehow started to really enjoy herself. At first, she was tired and sleepy from playing around in Hiroshima, but after drinking coffee, she couldn’t go to sleep anymore. She felt like only her eyes were awake and the rest of her body was still sleepy. The flight was an hour and a half, so she wanted to sleep happily like always, but she just couldn’t. It was only afterwards that she remembered that coffee contains caffeine and that she probably shouldn’t drink it before going to bed. It was delicious, but she regretted drinking it.

Sayashi says that when she got home, she thought she’d write a blog entry, but her hand was shaking so much that she couldn’t even hold her phone. She thinks that maybe because she hadn’t been drinking coffee before, when she suddenly drank a lot in one go, her body was shocked. Deli-kun thinks she got a bit carried away. Sayashi agrees. She realized that even though she may think, “I’ve become an adult!” as she grows older, she should climb up the stairs to adulthood at a steady and orderly pace. Deli-kun agrees that she shouldn’t try to go up 2 or 3 steps at a time.

Song: Morning Musume – Morning Coffee

Shuwa Shuwa Mail Corner ’14

Sayashi: Ok, let’s move on to this corner!
Deli-kun: Hold on a minute!
Sayashi: What is it?!
Deli-kun: You were about to shout it out, right?
Sayashi: Yeah, totally.
Deli-kun: I’d like to read a letter now.
Sayashi: Right now? I haven’t even done the title call.

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